I'm a gun snob that just ordered a JCP

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by tone, Oct 29, 2014.

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    Well title somes it up, I have plenty of high dollar pistols and long guns but decided to give hi point a try. I have always been the guy that has said "just save a little more and get a good gun"

    Anyway my son and I were watching some gun videos on YouTube and stumbled across some hi point destruction videos and a ton showcasing their accuracy. The videos won me over. Hi Point is a local business and I'm going to give it a shot.

    Probably post some pictures and a review in a week.
  2. Welcome aboard, hope you stick around.

    There are plenty of others on here that have 10's of thousands invested in firearms. but wound up here for one reason or another. ITs such a judgment free forum when it comes to what guns you like that people enjoy it.

    (unless you only shoot kimber or glocks, they get a lot of grief)

    My self ended up here when i couldn't afford a pistol at all.

    someone handed me a hi-point CF380 in pieces. I sent it in to hipoint, and got it back brand spanking new.

    Also see a lot of guys on here where they want to buy a gun for there kid, or non immediate relative but dont want to spend over $250.

    so which model did you order? and start saving for a carbine to swap mags with :p

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    WELCOME from the home state of Hi Point!
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    Tone = What you hear all day after a range trip and forgetting hearing protection.

    Welcome to the dark side.

    $10K? I can provide 1/4th that with just two photo's.

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    Welcome aboard the crazy train! ;)
  6. ajole

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    NE Utah
    It would take me about 40 pics to get to that 10K, but I could get there.:p

    Welcome to the group, tone!
  7. tone

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    I'm looking forward to trying it! I do wish that they made a full size 9mm though. This will be my first 40, all of my other semi auto pistols are 9 and 45's. If this pistol is decent I will probably get a 995ts. The carbines are a lot more expensive than they used to be!
  8. Hi-Point guns are well made, even though they use less expensive materials and are made using a simple blowback design, that's easier and cheaper to manufacture. To quote the title of one particular review, they are 'A Good, Cheap Gun'! My only alternative for a new handgun was a Cobra .380.
  9. i said 10's

    not 10K

    Lets see the 20K if you want to compete with 10's


    Not that i could. I have spent less than $1000 on all my guns. the other $600 worth were inherited
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    Welcome aboard, tone. You'll find a lot of solid people and gun knowledge around here.
  11. Hermitt

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    The C9 isn't very 'compact'. I think size wise, it's not much different than many other 9mm. Then there is the C9 Compensated.

  12. cicpup

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    Party Pooper. All total I might break $8K.
  13. ITs not compact, but its not really full size. its just kind of awkward.

    It is compact in its capacity though
  14. jcwit

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    I did much the same about a month or so ago. I too have a large collection of pistols "large at least to me", but on a whim at a gun show I thought I'd try this "cheap" 9mm handgun. I'm more than pleasantly surprised as to how this shoots and it's accuracy. Some claim it's ugly, well take a close look at other semi auto's, they will not win a beauty contest either IMO. Some claim the Hi-Points are so heavy, well they better take a closer look at the spec's of other handguns also.

    With all that said I have not experienced any of the problems other seem to had had, the only feeding problems I've had was in working up a light load "I have bad arthritis pain in my wrists" and when the loads got to light of course they would not function the action correctly.

    The only mod's I've done is spraying the grips with Rust-Oleum Black 'texture' paint which greatly improved the grip, and I also repainted the sights with white nail polish which for my eyes works better.

    All In all, welcome to the forum, enjoy your stay, and more important enjoy your new purchase.
  15. planosteve

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    The P08 Luger is pretty.
  16. jcwit

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    Agreed, but lets not turn this into a discussion as to what is pretty and what is not.

    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.:p
  17. cicpup

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    Well that's what the "C" stands for. Allegedly.
  18. Rachgier

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    To be technical, by purchasing an HP your status has been reduced from "Snob" to "Convert." Once you shoot the HP and begin to enjoy having it to play with your status again will be changed from "Convert' to "Fan."

    That is the proper path through the dark side the rest of us have chosen, if you fail to enjoy your HP and begin to bad mouth it we will be forced to change your status to "Hater" and send several of our trolls in to your threads to rip out your soul and brow beat you in to submission.

    Welcome to the party!!!
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    Welcome to the forum
  20. J2H

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    What's it compensating for? LOL

    (In reference to the C9 Compensated)