I'm at a loss, could this be the quote of the year?

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    "Guns are illegal in Mexico and the "AR-15 definitely got their attention" said a source familiar with the investigation. "They don't have much of a sense of humor about assault weapons." - unnamed Border Patrol officer, when speaking of the Marine being held in Mexican prison.

    I'm absolutely taken aback by the first 5 words of the statement.
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    Why are you so surprised?

    Several years ago, an American Citizen had his US gun rights stripped after several empty shell casings were found in his pick-up as he was leaving Mexico to return to the US because he was convicted by a Mexican court of a felony.


  3. Why?

    I'm pretty sure most guns ARE illegal in Mexico.
  4. talon

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    im confused. why are the first five words so troubling to you?

    guns are illegal in mexico.....those are the first five words. you are ''taken aback'' by reality? then you must really get flustered if someone says ''heroin is illegal'' or ''murder is illegal'' oh the horror.

    http://tijuana.usconsulate.gov/tijuana/warning.html here ya go, guns are illegal in mexico. sorry to set you aback even further but, guns are illegal in mexico.
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    Fox News is picking up the locked up Marine 'waiting for his country'
    No mention of the fact that being a Marine excuses you from abiding by the laws of another nation.
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    NE Utah
    The fact that the law is pointless, or that the drug cartels openly ignore it, or that despite the law, violence is widespread in Mexico makes no difference. You break a law in a foreign land, you become subject to their system.

    Mexico has a long history of armed insurrection, revolts against the governments, corruption and favoritism in official actions, and so the governments fear the citizenry. To them, the law makes sense. That they are pretty selective about enforcing it also makes sense, considering the corruption.:rolleyes:
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    So, This is where we could be headed in the US. "guns are illegal in Mexico" and the only ones that have them are criminals (that the US provided. Remember Fast and Furious) and the citizens are helpless to stop them. Hmmm, The libs would love to outlaw guns in this country. Don't they see that this is what would happen? Of course, here, it is not only the criminals that we would have to be afraid of, the IRS and the post office have been amassing ammo for years...
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    what the hell are you talking about? what does that have to do with anything at all??? the guy, a US marine, brought a gun over the border, against the law. and was detained for it. try crossing into any country and get caught possessing something illegal, guess what? you'll be detained. this isnt about gun rights or the IRS, or anything else you brought up out of context. its about a US citizen, doing something illegal in another country. that is all. he brought a gun into a country where it is illegal to possess the type of gun he brought in. and he paid the consequence. you're making way more out of it than there is.
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    Nah, here we give them better treatment than we do our vets.

    They get good paying jobs, government care and get to vote for the leader in a country they don't belong to.

    I guess Mexico doesn't want to treat our citizen like they demand we treat theirs.
  11. talon

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    unfortunately, they are just actually enforcing thier laws. we still have laws against it here, but, they often arent enforced, that doesnt make it ok to just decide not to follow them and hope for the best.
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    Nor does being the President or Attorney General.
    Good to know you also support them being charged for conspiracy to smuggle arms, accessories after the fact for murder, and RICO Act. ;)