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  1. So I've a bunch of green nylon fabrics now, in my quest to find one that is at least a close approximate match to my old school H harness shoulder pads. One is what I used for the 4 cell M1923 style pouch.
    Bottom fabric that everything is on; 1000D Olive Green from Ripstop by the Roll.
    Clockwise from top right and going from top down in stacks
    Older 500D Camo Green 483, new 500D Camo Green, 1000D CG483 Dark Green Seconds, 1000D Olive Drab;
    Then 500d BP Green (spruce green really)
    Then 420D Ranger Green (looks more like ALICE OD) and finally 500d Ranger Green from Rockywoods


    And the 1000D Olive from Ripstop By The Roll with the gear. The London Bridge Trading Company H harness I want to match is on the far left. The other H harness is from Blackhawk, and rest areTactical Tailor gear (yes all those mismatched things are from TT)
    And with Bianchi M12 holster; this was what made me use the fabric for the M1923 styled belt panel. 20201012_182945.jpg

    The Camo Greens likely will become backpack fabrics or MOLLE rigs. The 420D Ranger Green is uncoated, and likely will become a chest rig or something like that, or backpack with requirement of waterproof liners.
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    I like that Spruce colored 500d BP green. Reminds me of the dark green Loden hunting gear the Germans used.
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    I like the 1000D CG483 Dark Green Seconds. The olive is there, but the hint of forest green mixed in with it looks better than plain olive.
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  4. Yeah? I'll see what I could make of it. Probably going to be something basic/simple.

    using it with the brown toned Ranger Green (Rockywoods Ranger green) for a custom backpack with Foliage Green (more like gray :rolleyes: ) hardware and frame
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    Too cool. Are you selling these items or just making them for yourself? Will you be showing any patterns, for someone to reproduce?
  6. Mostly for myself, but I could be persuaded to sell, if the items meet my own standards of quality
    Edit. I don't make pattern templates, the majority of stuff is pretty much "box" construction or simple pleated pockets based on what the USGI stuff looks like/how is made
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    Use some DARK brown stuff, like edging and reinforcements, straps and patches, and it would be traditional hunter type gear.:thumbsup:
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  8. That spruce green is the same stuff seen in this thread, with 3 contrasting swatches and trim. The brown toned Ranger Green actually can look darker in some lights (its the middle one in last photo on last post)