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Someone from a local forum know I'm looking for HP or HP clone and sent me a PM saying he might have a FEG for me but more details I'll have to wait till tomorrow when he get off of work.
I'm not too familiar with FEG, so can you guys help me correct me with detail and possibly pricing. Here are what I know from them:

FEG/KBI were made in Hungary. Compare to BHP, FN, or even FM it has really crappy finish. Not all FEG HP are the same, while PJK is the close if not true clone, P9(M), FP9 are very similar but some exterior difference (safety, slide stop, rib on the slide...etc). And the P9R is closer to s&w than to a HP.

That's pretty much all I know about FEG, can you guys give me some input, and what pricing on each different models. (I'm crossing my finger hoping it'll turn out to be a PJK...)
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