I'm going to be a DAD! man that feels weird to type :)

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  1. shelbyzman

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    Found out this morning that my wife and I are going to have a baby.....

    It really hasn't completely sunk in yet.

    We are both very excited!

    Please keep us in your prayers.

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  3. Fenix

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    congrats, and kiss the next 2 years of peaceful sleep goodbye :lol:
  4. shelbyzman

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    Thanks guys :D

    Fenix: I have slept good for 25 years, I can give up a couple...lol
  5. That's great. Now you have a serious job for the next 18-30 years. Congrats, ain't nothin' like it.
  6. unwired

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    congrats! 2 words that help decrease sleep deprivation

    breast feeding! :lol:
  7. Fenix

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    or one: Bourbon :D
  8. Congrats its the scariest and most rewarding thing you will ever do
  9. shelbyzman

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    thanks for the congrats everyone :D
    I know being a parent is a big responsibility, praise God I was blessed to have some really good examples/parents to follow.
  10. Fenix meant to say next 20 years I'm sure. You sound like you want to do this right, and if you do, it will be the hardest job you'll ever have. Good night's sleep? You'll have a few...... but don't get used to them. But, there's nothing in the world like the first smile, the first hug, the first time they fall asleep on your chest while watching the football game.

    Way to go my friend, the very best to you and your lady.
  11. You will now sleep less, spend less on yourself and your hobbies, and eat more McDonalds than you ever thought possible, but you will also feel more pure joy than you ever thought possible too.

    Congrats dude!
  12. Kelotravolski

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    you know they have done studies and it is people who have bad parents that typically spend more time with their own children... so maybe you should be worried about your good example... :wink:

    Hey just kidding! Congradulations!
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    Word of advice: Little people watch big people and take that as how to act...Be the better man!
  15. shelbyzman

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    thanks everybody for the congrats and the advice!
    I value this forum because of the useful info but even more because of how close nit the people are on here. I appreciate it :D
  16. HPHooked

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    2 years??? Try the next 21 years. There's always something to be worried about when you have children. :shock:

    But you really miss them when they leave the house. You realize that all you have to worry about is your wife and yourself. Things get a little too quiet at that point. :oops:

    Congrats on the new addition. Teach him/her well, spend as much time with them as you can, and you'll find that you will have a child that will do you proud. Also, drill firearms safety into them from the beginning. They'll thank you for it later. :D
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