I'm going to build another 995

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  1. with a camo ATI stock. Before I choose another red dot or a scope, what is the range of the 9mm ?

    I'd like to build this one different that my Black one with the 30mm red dot, but if a scope is a waste why do it ?
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    I don't know that you could expect to hit much past 120 yards or so with a 9mm bullet. I had a scope on mine for a while but it's really kinda pointless unless you just like scopes.

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    I've seen friends using thier 995 to hit 6" or larger targets at 120- 150 yds with scopes mounted. Keep in mind, this was in ideal weather conditions and they have shot most of thier lives with various rifles.
    In my own oppinion the 995 is for closer in shooting. If the target is at a range great than you are comfortable using your pistol, use the 995. Scopes are for getting tight groups at any range you are shooting, want to shoot dimes at 100 yds, use a scope. Red Dots and Reflex sights are for quick aquasition of the intended target, best for fast first shoots and quick follow ups at closer ranges. Depending what you like doing, fun fast plinking inside 50 yds, or steady accurancy training out side the 50 yd marker, the choice is ultimately the individual shooter's.
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    For me, my MAXIMUM range was 100 meters. Even then it was iffy on my consistancy. The carbine is a great moderate weapon, and I think it could benefit with a short range red-dot scope. But, over 100 meters, and I think you loose out on it's main points: It's a pistol caliber multiplier, increasing velocity of the 9mm Luger to the speed of around that of a .357 Magnum. In close to midrange situations, you'd be hard pressed to find any other weapon that can provide more punch for the buck in such a lightweight package!
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    blkhwkfxr does have a good point, I keep my 995 as a fun target shooter and also a home defense device (the AK is nice, but the bullets would probably tear through and put some nice big holes in my walls, furniture, appliances and whatever else. I just put a laser on it too to help even more with getting on target FAST.
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    995 would be better as short range home defense when you need a little more accuracy at a little more distance than the pistol more than as a long range killer. It may be a carbine, but it's still just shooting a small 9mm lugar. At 25 to 50 yards it would be best but then you're out there past the rational reason to be shooting someone when you would be best just to get the hell away from them. If it's a sniper rifle you want to kill large game, man size or larger, then you need to move up to a larger round like the 7.62x39mm or Military Classic 5.45x39mm. I'm no expert and don't even own a 9mm carbine but that's my opinion from what I've heard from the experts. Is I wrong guys?
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    Wel, yes rrjenn, you are kinda. Your statements are true enough, but hitmanharleyk simply asked about the range of the 995 so he could choose between a scope or a red dot... a bit off track of the thread is all.
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    Yup, story of my life. I heard that here in anti-gun country, Calif, the mag fed carbine is illegal and I'm pissed cause I can't legally own one here. Well, maybe but every time I ask someone who should know, they tell me the law is kinda ify about them. They like to write gun laws no one not even the cops understand so that if the law wants to they can take your weapons and make you get a lawyer and fight to get them back. I'm about fed up with this state. I'm about ready to move to Arizona where I can wear my .357 out in the open loaded for bear or whatever. Should be that way everywhere. Then maybe we could take back the streets from the gang bangers and other various misfits. Might get ugly for a while but sooner or later the problem would die off if you get my drift.
  9. Being that I already have one with

    Leapers Red Dot
    Leapers Flashlight
    ATI Stock
    Barrel Shroud
    Bushman's Alum trigger and charging handle.
    Leapers BiPod

    and I have the chance to get another fairly cheap, I wanted to build it a little different. I was thinking with a $40 or $50 scope, compensator and a Camo ATI stock.

    I enjoy the putting together part and they are just for shooting targets and cans.
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    That sounds like a great project, should be fun putting it all together =) I found a 3-9 x 32 tasco on Ebay for peanuts, you know the one with the weaver mounts on three sides? I had it on the 995 for a short period and it worked great. Never had to take it past the 3x , but it looked cool.
  11. It was a 995 project, but now I'm thinking of doing a SKS instead because I already have a 995.

    I've seen some pretty neat SKS's with the ATI stocks.
  12. Range on 9mm Carbine

    First, remember that the 9mm was designed by Luger to be a short range machine gun/pistol round. It is a "spray and pray" round. If you want high accuracy and energy at long range go for a real rifle.

    I've been shooting 9mm HP Carbine for over a year and did quite a lot of reloading to find the most accurate rounds. I've shot everything from commercially loaded 95 grain to handloaded 147 Hornady HP's. The best shooting, most consistant was the Hornady 124 HP loaded with 5.9 grains of Power Pistol and CCI primers at 50-60 yards.

    In doing some research I found that the 9mm is good for only 50-75 yards, at least in terms of accuracy and energy. At 100 yards the best the 9mm shoots from a universal mounted block (meaning that there is no movement of the gun) is a 2.5 inch circle around the center. Next, the energy drops off so that only small varmits are really all that are affected.
  13. Yet the pip squeek is a high marks military round,used by most major armies in one form or another.
    Pistol short barrel.45 acp drops a tad as well .designed for when the long gun was empty or close range last resort better than tossing helmet at them.Inter mediate round out of a smg somewhat removed due to full auto rifles and carbines,then with a reduced caliber reducing range.
    Nothing is perfect thus the lapua sniper rifle and 50 caliber.But when 2-4 ft away what do you want.You want to be anywhere but there,or have a high capacity 9mm or better pistol in hand.
    Prior to that any rifle or carbine,the sks is a decent platform,and not limited to com block calibers.
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    I am keeping an eye on a 995 with camo green stock, its being auctioned off. I am hoping I can get for less than $150, including buyers premium.

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    The 9mm ( 9x19 ) was developed in 1902 for the Luger pistol and was not adopted for use in SMG's until after WWI.
  16. Flashbang, I wasn't stating detailed history. You are correct that it was originally designed for the Luger semi-auto pistol and was later adopted for rapid fire machine guns because it was great for rapid cycling. Furthermore, combining the pistol and carbine round to reduce the amount of ammo needed on the battlefield or the plains of the west is a notion that is common amongst gun builders. Shooting a pistol round from a carbine increases its range and energy, but it does not compare with a rifle. If you want to hunt game it is considered inhumane to shoot them with underpowered firearms. The pistol rounds might be able to shoot 50-75 yards with enough energy to humanely kill a rabbit with one shot, but shooting a deer or anything larger is not ethical.