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  1. Whats up out there in HPLand. Im new to this but not Hi Points. Have owned several thru the years. Never had any probs(except promags 15 rd P.O.S.) Ive never been a computer junkie till I ran into this forum a couple of weeks ago. Now I cant get enuff. I have gained so much valuable info already.Will try to post some pics soon. "Hi, my names Dallas and Im addicted to Hi Points" :lol:
  2. hey there, welcome to the fold!

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  4. Hi Dallas,

    Welcome to the world's greatest little discussion group. :clap:
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    Dallas, welcome, you are among friends here. we all share the same least gunpowder related ones

    at first the addiction covers the HP family of fine firearms and then quickly spreads to the Mosin Nagant, then the SKS, then the AR series and after're on your way to true enlightenment
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    Welcome to the best kept secret in the firearm realm... PM me for details on our secret handshake and union representation!
    Let me know if you want an avatar... look around, and you'll see my work. ;)
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    Welcome Dallas
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    Welcome aboard!
  9. Welcome aboard Dallas.