Im new and have ammo questions.

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  1. I have just bought my new Hi point .45 and am wondering is there a better choice of ammo to use for it that feeds best?
  2. For what purpose? Target shooting or self defense? For targets Winchester White Box is great, and so is Wolf. For self defense, some say to stay away from the Remington Golden Saber because the cone is too short and it catches. Federal and Hornady make some nice rounds. The beauty of the HP is it can handle +P without a problem.

    Take your pick.

  3. No prob, anytime. Welcome to the forum. I hope you get bitten by the HP bug even more.
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    for just shooting fun i use CCI blazer brass.. in fact its all thats EVER been in my 45.. loves it right up. and cheap too.
  5. Cheap means more bangs for the buck!!!!