I'm new here, One of the best fourms I've seen

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    I do alot of research. You can really tie a bag to a evergreen tree limbs and get water. Make sure to weigh it down. The soda can burner works but you will haft to get the can hot enought before the jet feature comes from the holes. I used cintronala. I can cook and keep the bugs away. I have not tried a solar still on the bigger scale but from mini test it works. I want to help my fellow friends with any info. I can. Everyone tells me that god will take care of his children and I tell them that he gave us enough sense to deffend ourselves.
  2. amen to the last part, and welcome to the forums. I hope you enjoy your stay.

    I have yet to try my soda can stove. May do that soon . What fuel were you using?

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    welcome to the forums.
    Praise God and pass the ammunition!
  4. I believe he also gave you the will to survive and the intelligence to achieve that. Welcome and enjoy your stay. Always like to hear new survival stuff. Can't learn enough in my book! :wink: