I'm not compensating for anything...

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  1. ...at least I don't think so lol.

    I began wondering if I spend so much time on here partly because, as I just torture myself browsing guns I can't afford, I can still get in some "quality gun time" here and feel as if I'm doing something useful/socializing/etc. I don't think my collection is that small compared to the average American, yet like most of us I wish it were bigger lol.

    Cell phones and Concealed Carry Pistols are the only two things in which you will see men comparing whose is smaller :).
  2. Sounds normal to me. If we all stopped hanging out at places like this we'd lose the dream. The more folks we can get to hang out in a joint such as this the stronger our overall voice, and thus the 2nd amendment, will be, IMO.

    As for comparing who's is smaller, dude, that is funny! I've never thought about that before, lol. :lol:

  3. I still like my big phone.Even though it has gotten smaller.
    Damed nokia
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    Browsing guns you cannot afford....hmm...

    The only thing I can suggest, is how those "colllections" got started in the first place, by thier owners.
    I got my AR by brown bagging lunch for a month, doing my own car repairs as well. Am I happy with my AR? Honestly, no...
    But thats just me......

    Nothing I have was ever given me besides my first Remington single shot 22 rifle

    The rest I bought, of my own accord, and my own volition. Granted, I am single, and can afford such items (till I get a significant other). Thats why I am able to afford my purchases.

    Others, may lurk places, find the good deals, and I congradulate that as well.

    Keep the faith, amigo.