I'm not usually into german things, but wow!

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    Prinz is the maker, and I just don't know how to properly express the way I feel when I see this kind of work and skill put into things...no words, my words have failed.
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    Let the work speak for itself!


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    Dat is durn purrty.
  5. I guess if a person is only going to have one gun, make is a German one.
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    Have no idea what that would cost to produce and I have a feeling most wouldn't want to lug that around all day on the opening day of hunting season, probably a little heavy. Still beautiful to look at though. I'll take the money instead and buy several somethings a little more useful and use the rest of the money for ammo.
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    If you buy it, you should also hire someone to carry it for you until you reach the blind. That's the gentleman's way of hunting, old chap.
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    They start out around $4500 from what I've read, I think it'd be completely worth the price to own, but I'd never shoot it, it'd stay hermetically sealed for my own eyes only to behold until the time of my death lol.
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    Oswald Prinz is a German Büchsenmachermeister, a master gunsmith who specializes in Vierling rifles. Oswald is passionate about his calling and is a gunsmith with all his heart and soul.

    “I do not only produce weapons which look magnificent; I also construct rifles and shotguns that make a hunter into a better one,” he says. And the Vierling is the crowning achievement of Oswald’s skill.

    Four free-floating barrels with four calibers are combined in a remarkably low weight package (a Vierling rifle weighs approximately 3 kg’s), and has extreme ease of handling and compact measurements.

    The finest Bulino engraving with gold and silver inlays are applied along with precious stones on the firing mechanism and rare woods on the stock. With regards to the finishes, all possibilities are available for customers and barrel lengths and stocks are made-to-measure.

    Standard caliber options are:
    Shotgun: 20/70, 20/76
    Big Rifle Caliber: 7 x 57R and 8 x 57 IRS
    Small Rifle Caliber: .22 Hornet
    Upon consultation other calibers can also be considered.

    Each Prinz rifle is one-of-a-kind and made to the client’s exact specifications and finished with unique detail to emphasize the owner’s individuality. The weapons are forged at the Prinz workshop just outside Munich, and visitors are always welcome.

    “My workshop might not look regal, but I certainly feel that way there. It is my kingdom and from here I manufacture the weapons that my clients successfully take on their hunting trips all over the world”, says Oswald.

    Prinz customers come from everywhere and his unique rifles continue to draw attention from lovers of fine custom-made rifles. At “around” 100,000 Euros (Oswald does not give exact prices since each rifle is built according to the client’s specific preferences) a Prinz Vierling may not be suited for everyone’s pocket, but for those who can afford such a masterpiece it is guaranteed to bring much joy of ownership. Oswald Prinz produces rifles and shotguns for kings, and also for those people who want to hunt like one.
  10. Very nice work.

    Way above my budget, but still very nice.
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    NE Utah
    I'm into a German thing pretty regularly.

    Well...she's a naturalized U.S. citizen now, but still...:p

    I also like real bratwurst, Boker knives, and you gotta admit, Walther, SIG, and Mauser have made some pretty good guns.