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  1. What can I say, I'm po' so I tend towards the Commie milsurps :)

    My first centrefire rifle (I had a Plinkster but sold it) now reborn as the Bubtical! It was a Yugo 59/66 and this is an old pic. It's since been chopped shorter, mallninja'ed and generally made even more Eeeeeevil.



    After (not all the mods are cosmetic, the bolt has been ground to take hi-cap mags without needing to be locked back and a Murrays spring loaded firing pin has been added for safety. I also modified a 995 front sight block to fit the SKS and damn nice it looks too!)



    My second SKS, a Chinese Factory 26 I got to Bubba, but it's just too pretty to cut on!



    Continuing the Commie surp' theme, here's my Mosin 91/30, the first bolt action rifle I ever tried to shoot. It's not quite what I'm after so it's probably going to get traded for another SKS.....



    And finally, one American gun (the one I use for HD no less). It's a plain Jane Mossberg 500, but I've grown fond of the simplicity and the smooth action. Nice to know it will go bang every time I pull the trigger!

    This one's also a little out of date, as I've fitted the shell holder a little better now and added a recoil pad after shooting some slugs :)


    I'm hoping to have another Yugo Bubba project to add to this real soon, as well as updated photos of the current crop!
  2. Cool! Good looking guns!

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    That's a fine collection there. I am also a fan of the commie surplus....I think everyone should have at least one.
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    Nice collection: Dont you TOUCH that norinco! :)
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    Very nice indeed :wink:
  6. I want to find a beater SKS to play with but everytime I find a SKS, they are always too nice to butcher.

    I want something with a good bore and matching numbers but the wood could be burned off for all I care.

    Nice collection.

    Even if it's not something that you shoot alot, it's always an investment that you can count on later, should you ever need it.... That's just my $0.02

    BTW, Beautiful guns!!!
  8. I actually already started looking for another Yugo for the project the Norinco was destined for :)

    I've got one (actually two, but I'm just gonna do one more before I start either an AR or buy an AK) mod projects I want to do, although it's a lot less changes than the first one. I'm wanting to slightly shorten a Yugo (18~20" I think), remove the front sight block, lengthen the stock with a long butt pad to give it a more comfortable pull and put a Kalinka Molot rail and POSP scope on it for use as a general purpose rifle and for whitetail when I finally start hunting.

    With a US made 5rd magazine, gas piston and hand guard I'll meet 922r (I'm removing the muzzle attachment too, or I'd be a part short), keep a lot of the original character of the rifle and have a practical medium/short range hunting rifle. A Murray's firing pin is a must for commercial US soft-primer ammo, so I'll be swapping that out too, even though it's not a compliance part.

    If the budget allows, I'm planning on getting a Kiivari trigger job and Galahad from SKSboards to refinish the stock (or the one I have left over from my last Yugo build, whichever is nicer) and I'll probably give the metal a nice matte black or OD Duracoat finish to avoid any brights from wear. If Tapco have their bolt available it might get one of those instead of a hand guard to keep that sleek wood look (and avoid messing with the gas tube hand guard retaining pin! Damn thing!).

    I've tried it out with the parts of my Bubtical build (the black T6 one up top) and the original stock that I've modified (it wasn't in great shape) and it looks nice. Very old school battle rifle (po' mans short M14 anyone?) and handles a lot better than the original Yugo, although I won't be able to launch grenades anymore......

    I know, I know.... but I really want to put together that last SKS build and while the Mosin is cool, it's not something I get to shoot very often or well :) And it's common enough that the investment return is going to be pretty small..... unlike the ammo for it which has doubled in price since I bought it a few months back.
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    Nice collection and nice to see a fellow countryman on here!

    And...there's nothing wrong with some good old Communist steel. It liberated many a country in it's day and what better way to own a piece of history
  10. VERY nice collection, well done!
  11. Yeah, we Brits do get around don't we? For all the horrible beer here, we seem to have a tendency to wander in and never leave.......

    And damn right there's nothing wrong with Commie steel :) I'm sure I'll be spending my meagre budget on it for some time to come, at least until it runs out or they ban it or I turn into an AR snob or something.......
  12. Nice collection amigo. I love what you did with your SKS. I left mine original, but I'm a fan of customizing rifles in general. I love messing with AKs and letting Bubba have his way with them.
    Love the Com-Bloc guns. There's just some sort of romance about them.
    My wife thinks its creepy when I talk about them like they're some sort of mysterious lady. :lol:
    Did I mention my first AK is named Natalia?

    BTW, how long have you been stateside? By God you can sure have more firearm freedom here than back in the UK.
  13. Thanks :) That pic of the SKS isn't the finished article though, but here -is- the finished article. The barrel got cut down some more, I added a couple more rail segments, lopped off the irons (I have a front mount made from a HP 995 front element for my next project, but it wasn't needed for this one) and went all mall ninja with a Leapers red-dot and laser and a cheap home made tac-light (as per several others here I see!).

    Gentlemen.... BEHOLD!


    And for the extra ninja-goodness!


    Now, compared to all the lopping and chopping and sanding and attaching with duct tape, the changes to the HD Mossberg are -tiny-.


    Crappy pics I know, but here's the "detail" version. I stuck a Decelerator on there to save my shoulder the next time I shoot the darn thing (and to give it a bit more length, but mostly the wuss reason!) and I made one small change to the shell cuff. I punched a hole in it (then stopped it unravelling with glue) and put that hole over the sling swivel, then put a split ring through the swivel as I don't use a swing. This keeps the shell cuff in place, even though the fit isn't perfect. I even swung it (unloaded of course) around like a tennis racket and it didn't move much.


    If I gave my guns girl names, my wife would feed them into a smelter. For some reason she is attached to my crazy self......

    Five years now, six in February. And HELL yes there's more freedom here, in all sorts of things. I think I done found where I'm s'posed ta be :) I love this crazy huge land and all who sail in her!
  14. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!


    DID I SAY WOW!!!!!!!

    Dude, that SKS is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, and tell the wife that she's got to get in line, we're kinda "attached" to you too... As long as you keep modding rifles like that!!!!!!!!!! :oops: :shock: :wink: 8)
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    Ya dont bust up that chicom SKS.. IT is to very nice for that
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    And so how is it that the Brit on here doesn't own an Enfield of any sort? I'd figure you'd at least be buying a good ol' .303 Brit down the line. I love mine and they're not that expensive. :)

  17. I know several people who got burned on Enfield deals, so I was always wary of buying one. And while the rifles aren't expensive, the bloody ammo is!

    Also, I just prefer the Commie stuff :) Now, Webley revolvers on the other hand, those are very much up my alley. And a genuine SLR would be a thing of wonder.

    Ok, I'm still trying to figure out if Primal is taking the Michael or what! I'm fond if the Bubtical, but it's my first milsurp AND my first conversion of any kind, so it's always gonna make me smile even with my ham-fisted alterations.... I am sort of regretting buying the red-dot, but I didn't know how well my modified 995 sights would turn out. You live and learn, right?

    But seriously, dude, the metal work is done being cut on, but I still need to Duracoat that bastard as it's as patchy as can be (especially the cold-blued bolt carrier). I just don't have anywhere to spray for a while.

    Course my next build should be pretty, as I'm getting the stock refinished professionally (well, semi-pro) by Galahad of SKSboards and making a battle-whitetail (M14 and Rugerdude are my inspiration). Think glossy wood, aperture sights, bobbed front and lengthened back and a Kalinka POSP on a Molot rail :) I've got a partial build (testing out the idea with already modified parts) ready out of the Bubtical and it looks decent and handles nicely.

    If you've never seen what Galahad makes out of old SKS stocks, you should check this out. He is pretty quick for custom work and charges peanuts for what he does:

    Oh and Ari, all the Chicom got was a buttpad, it's my stock keeper.

  18. What are you talking about here? :?:
  20. Brit, when I say a guns is gorgeous, I FREAKIN' MEAN IT!

    That was not scarcasm bro, that was truth. You did a fantastic job of it!