Impressions on Ruger's EC9s
By "histed"
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In 2011, Ruger announced a lightweight compact 9mm pistol, the LC9. At just over 17 ounces in weight and 6 inches in length, it was the same size or smaller than many of the .380 ACP compacts on the market at the time. The LC9 also featured adjustable rear sights, loaded chamber indicator and a 7+1 magazine. In a very short time, the little pistol became quite popular in the growing CCW market. It was not, however, with out flaws.

In 2014, Ruger introduced a new version of the pistol called the LC9s. The new pistol was striker fired with, according to Ruger, "a short, light, crisp trigger pull that improves accuracy and performance." It used the same magazines, holsters and accessories as the older LC9 and gun writes seemed enthralled with the new addition to Ruger's family. For may people, however, there was still a problem - PRICE. What about those on a limited budget?
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Once again, Ruger listened. In 2017 yet another compact was added, the budget friendly EC9S. It was the same size, had the same striker fired action, and was still chambered in 9mm. What was missing was the adjustable sights and the finer finish of its older brother. This was a no frills, full power CCW handgun for those on a tight budged. In many places they could be had for under $300.

I bought one in the spring of 2018. Since then I have put just over 1500 rounds through the EC9s, as well a carrying it whenever and where ever it is legal for me to do so. Here are my impressions so far.
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[S&W Shield vs. LC9s (same size as EC9s)]

The EC9s is extremely easy to conceal. I've use both an Alien Gear IWB and an inexpensive leather OWB and find that either works well. Some complain that the toe on the magazine causes the gun to print more easily and that may be true for some people. I haven't had a problem with printing yet.

At just 17.3 ounces, the pistol is light. I expected recoil issues, but was pleasantly surprised. Yes, it does "kick", but the recoil is far from obnoxious or difficult to control. I've shot everything from 90 grain hollow points to 147 grain lead bullets and found none that were difficult to handle. It is also very accurate from CCW distance (15 yards or less). Even with fixed sights (which are very well regulated on my pistol) there is no real problem keeping a full magazine in a palm-sized group at 15 yards. 125 grain bullets have been the most accurate in this gun.

Overall, it seems Ruger got this right. Economy it may be, but it lacks nothing in performance. If you are looking for a budget-friendly, high quality CCW pistol, take a good look at the EC9s.