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    So yesterday my wife and I were out shopping, and the Beech Fork shooting range near us has been rumored to be closed as of late. For those of you following along, this is the same range where the creepy guy used to pick up used brass. Same creepy guy nearly got shot by my wife with a ND that she now denies. Same creepy guy ended up shooting two people dead that were not even on his own property and is now facing murder charges.

    So I said since we were going to be in the area (it's about 30 minutes drive), we ought to swing by to see if it's open. She says what the heck throw the pistols in the back with the ammo, so I do. I manage to forget the target bag. I've got a sweet PVC setup with dual targets, but no go for today.

    It's MAYBE 38 degrees out, no gloves. Wanted to try out her new C9 and my new to me but somewhat marked up C9 comp. She was of course loving the muddy girl grips.

    How in the world she managed to stuff not one, not two bullets but two bullets AND the spent brass into the chamber, I have no idea. Thank goodness for LRHO. I ejected the spent brass, then the first bullet, FINALLY able to drop the mag, then eject the second bullet. Then I checked AGAIN to see if there was anything in the chamber, because goodness knows she probably had another in there. Then I managed to try to fire it downrange just for freaking good measure.

    So here's what apparently happened. I had her hand me one of my nicely used mags. She gave me the brand new mag out of the C9 that had never been fired. I didn't check it, and loaded it. I tell her to put her mag to the side. She puts my oldest, most worn (and most reliable) 10 rounder to the side. I tell her to hand me my 10 rounder. She hands me the loaded brand new 8 round mag. Anyone see a problem here?

    Well, after getting it all sorted out, and loading a good 10 rounder (I apparently have 3 full of hollow points and need to get rid of my 8 rounders entirely, she decides to put in a 10 round mag like I tell her to. She proceeds to put in a 10 round 995TS magazine. You know, that finicky magazine that only likes my 995TS and won't shoot in anything else.

    I ended up shooting 30 rounds out of the proper battery magazines to show her just freaking exactly how to use her new gun. No jams and no FTF - FINALLY.

    The good news is that her new C9 shoots as straight as an arrow. The bad news is that my new C9 comp shoots up and to the left, so there's some tweaking to be had with that later this year.

    There were two other people there, one with a big hunting rifle that nearly made us go deaf even with ear protection - it looked really cool and he was shooting at a target that required binoculars, and doing pretty well. The other guy had a bunch of small caliber pistols, looked like .22 cal, very small, concealed types. He looked impressed that we had a few different mods. He stopped shooting each time I'd get the C9 comp out and watch. Didn't seem much interested in the muddy girl grips, but he said something when I put 4 bullets in a row through the same hole with it. He stopped shooting when I got out the C9 with custom walnut grips, too.

    With no targets, we used some orange paper plates we had in the car. Hit most of them, and even tried shooting around the edge. We were shooting at 12 yards, much further than any HD situation we'll have within our home, so it was a fun bit out of our day.
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    Sound like a good time. You make yet another HP convert? Two slugs in the barrel? Very interesting, for a "junk gun that'll blow yer hand off"

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    Once I got the good mags in it fired great. He definitely spent a lot of money on his firearms, but I think he's interested in Hi-Points now!
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    You had two bullets, in the barrel? :eek: