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Another thread here got me thinking about the upcoming hunting season. The firearm of choice for the wood lot behind the house will be the H&R Buffalo Classic Carbine in 45 Colt. In the chamber will be a hard cast, gas checked, wide flat point bullet. The Lee design that weighs 300 grains.

Using "Ruger Only" load data, which is perfectly safe in the H&R, this bullet cruises along at nearly 1300 FPS out of the H&R's 20 inch barrel. It is known that at velocities of 1000 FPS or more that the WFP performs admirably on deer. The bullet is not meant to expand as it is designed to give excellent penetration and lethality. The wide metplat creates a wound channel much larger than the diameter of the bullet. Cast from Linotype or lead with a high antimony content this bullet will not fail.
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Lead is getting harder to come by and some hunter who reload just may not want to cast their own. This bullet design is offered by nearly all the commercial casters. But there is a jacketed version too. Barnes offers their Buster Bullet. Not all copper as you would expect, but a jacked lead core. A bit pricey but I do think they would be a good substitute for the hard cast.
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