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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by ajole, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Thought we needed a thread for stories about stupid drivers.

    Go ahead and tell us about your experience.

    Here's mine.

    Today, in my ugly old 1990 F250, I wanted to change lanes to the right to make an entry ramp onto the freeway. The light ahead is turning yellow, I flip on my blinker, look in my mirror, and there's a silver Hyundai coming up on my, but if they brake like they should, we should be good. I start to drift into the lane, they don't slow, I go, crap ...idiot...and stop drifting over...and they speed up, pass me, run the red light, realize they are wrong, grab some brake, and T-bone a car crossing the intersection. The grey car is able to drive over to the right shoulder, and so does the SUV they hit and spun 180 degrees. I pulled into the lane I wanted as she passed and so I get to the light, watching this whole thing, then the light changes, and I drive on by as the young blonde chick goes back to talk to the guy she just center punched at 30 mph. She didn't even look at me, I'm not sure she ever saw me.

    Ah, to be young and clueless.:rolleyes:
  2. Bull

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    I had a guy the other day cut in front of me from the left lane while I'm driving my line truck at 40mph..... Come to a stop and make a right hand turn..... Then flipped me off when I laid on the horn....

  3. colthrash

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    the ones that make 3 lane changes to make the exit ramp...
  4. planosteve

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    Stuck in traffic several years ago on 635 east bound just after the DNTR. I am in the right hand lane and ahead on the shoulder is a Dallas PD car with lights on at a traffic stop. Mercedes Benz behind me accelerates, try's to pass me on the right shoulder and slams into the police car. I stop and hand my business card to the cop and leave when he tells me to. I was contacted the next day by DPD for a statement.
  5. Rachgier

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    Oh geeze, where do I start? I've got so many stupid driver stories, its ridiculous. I've got 3 from running to the brush fire in the engine just the other day.
  6. greg_r

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    Geez, 20 plus years as an OTR truck driver, where do I start? I think the one that sticks out most in my mind is the Cross Bronx Parkway in NYC. Traffic is at a crawl. 4 wheeler is driving up the shoulder at a pretty good clip. The 4 wheeler in front of me cuts onto the shoulder to do the same thing. BAM!