Incident averted?

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    I was out for a late night walk and decided to take a short cut through a dark parking lot between an apartment complex and a medical center. The medical center blocks the view of the lot from the nearest road so it was a pretty stupid thing to do. So I am walking through this area when a rather large guy in a hoodie approaches me with his head lowered so I cannot see his face. I slowly reached my hand across my chest and grabbed hold of the handle of my C9 with it still in the holster. It could have been interpreted as a grab for a gun but I tried to make it look as much like an itch as possible. Guy turns around 180 degrees and walks across the parking lot and then runs across the road into a construction zone. Anyway who knows what would have happened if I had just kept walking maybe I scared the crap out of some poor sucker who was taking a stupid short cut back to his apartment complex or maybe I prevented myself from being mugged. Whichever things seemed to turn out just fine.
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    You did good.
    A possible threat was averted.
    Nothing to feel bad about.

    As a side note? dont go walking around in strange areas, and that wont happen... Well, not for certain, sometimes bad looks for good people...

  3. Sounds like it was a mugging that ended up not happening.
    Good thinking man.
  4. ccw strikes again I'd say.
  5. +1 on what he sad I just got back with my CCW in hand 8)
  6. Or, the guy is on another forum telling how he was walking through a parking lot and was approached by a guy who was reaching for a gun to rob him. But, luckily, he ran before the robber got too close. :lol:
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    Quite interesting :p Then again, half of all conflict deals in interpretation of perspective....
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    good job can never be too carefull.
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    And what's the moral of this story? Don't take short cuts through poorly lit parking lots in the middle of the night.

    I mean, seriously, am I the only one that remembers the little PSA at the end of every episode of GI JOE? Apples are a healthier choice than chocolate, don't hide in abandoned refrigerators, don't approach stray dogs, don't play with downed power lines and don't, I repeat, don't take short cuts through poorly lit, unknown territory.

    I'm sorry Kelotravolski, but you gain a negative level for putting yourself in a potentially dangerous situation.
  10. I carry even when I walk through known territory; namely, when I take the dog for a walk. I'm all around the neighborhood in the dark, and I'm always on guard. But, I should not be afraid to walk down the street in my own neighborhood, and you should not be afraid to walk through a parking lot in your own town.

    But, I understand the PSA issue in using good judgement... I don't go to isolated ATMs alone at night either.