Incredible Service from Hi-Point!

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    Recently, I sent my C9 back to Beemiller, due to an increasing number of jams, especially with WWB ammo. To my amazement, the repaired gun was returned to me WITHIN ONE WEEK. There was a hand-written note enclosed from the gunsmith, saying that he had rebuilt the gun and test-fired it. In addition, he enclosed a new magazine "for my trouble." I have never had this kind of service from any firearm company, especially on a $130 gun. FYI, I took the repaired gun to the range today, and shot 100 rounds of the troublesome WWB ammo without a single jam. The accuracy seemed to be way better as well. A friend of mine with his Glock .40 and .45 pistols couldn't believe how good the Hi-Point shot.

    What can I say. I'm a believer. Props to Hi-Point!!
  2. JasonJ

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    excellent to hear! .. although common place .. no one seems to believe the service that they can get with these firearms.