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Discussion in 'Caliber Zone' started by 40CalGat, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. 40CalGat

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    The indoor range where I live has these rules

    Lead bullets only are permitted; no jacketed bullets may be used.
    The maximum velocity for centerfire handgun ammunition is 900 fps. No magnum loads may be used (change springs if your pistol does not function properly). Low or standard velocity .22 caliber rimfire rifles and pistols may be used.

    Sounds like this rules out my .40 Hi-point. I haven't seen any ammo in .40 that would meet these requirements. I'd be leery of shooting un-jacketed bullets with that low of pressure in a blow-back semi-auto.
  2. Maverick

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    WOW those are some strict and strange rules.

    Most indoor ranges I have been to wont allow lead ammo. You have to buy this expensive "indoor" stuff.

    I would call them and ask if you can shoot your 40, just to make sure. It sounds like they wont let you shoot much above a paint ball gun as it stands. Something don't add up... You couldn't shoot a Glock if the rules are right...

  3. 40CalGat

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    Looks like I'll be using their outdoor range. I'll be out there in January freezing my b_lls off.
  4. You wont be alone, deer season is over Jan 1 and that is when my range opens back up :shock:
  5. 1inthechamber

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    Sounds like a 1911-only range. :lol:

    With strict rules like that, I'd find another range. Lead bullets only and a max of 900 fps is ridiculous.

    EDIT: Just saw your post on the outdoor range. I always shoot outdoors, even in freezing cold weather... with snow. It's fun. ;)
  6. Im getting old, I may start shooting from the vehicle when its cold outside LOL
  7. Very bizarre. My local restrictions are pistol ammo, nothing larger than .45, and some magnums are ruled out. I could fire my 995/4095 there if I had one. Sniff. :(
  8. JoeDoe22

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    Those are some heavy restrictions...

    The indoor range I shoot at lets you shoot up to .44 magnum at 25 yards and for rifles its 50 yards up to a .30-06.

    No outdoor ranges anywhere near me though :(
  9. Gramps

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    That is basicly the only indoor range in Kalamazoo Mi. Operated by the Southern Michigan Gun Club. Older indoor range with decent ventilation. SMGC has had some very strict rules but with the practical pistol under newer leadership is slowly comming around.

    Pistols of .40 cal are shot there using lead or any leadsafe bullet such as Rainer`s. There will be no objection to any such ammo and loads of 180 grain usually don`t exceed the range rules. PM me and we can see that you can shoot there, even if I have to load some for you.
  10. 40CalGat

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    I guess It shouldn't bother me to shoot outdoors in the winter. Since I work outdoors all winter.
  11. 1inthechamber

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    I forgot to mention that my outdoor range has a fireplace at both the rifle and pistol ranges. I've never used them though, but it's nice to have that option. :)
  12. You are kidding, right? Darnit, I want some of these things at my range! All we get is other peoples trash to pick up when they leave it scattered everywhere :cry:
  13. GlockMan

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    The range must have a paper thin back stop.
  14. Lead bullets ONLY?

    Thats unreal for an indoor range.

    99 percent of indoor ranges prohibit lead bullets due to the lead vapors.

    Personally I wouldn't mind. Lead bullets are cheaper than jacketed/coated bullets.
  15. unclerob

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    Here in central AZ, our outdoor range IS a fireplace 8 months out of the year...
  16. vallen

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    That's terrible. Are they ever busy? I don't think I'd have anything to shoot there besides my .22....