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I suggest we dedicate this thread to inexpensive but good firearms. Nothing over $500. Obviously hi-points and since this is in the other brand of firearms forums lets keep it that way! Here are a few that come to mind

Kel-tec-really any of their pistols and some rifles are under $500
Charter Arms Revolvers$-300-350 range
NEF Single Shot Shotgun$100 or so
Mosin Nagant
Some ak47's
Maverick 88 or Mossberg 500
Ruger 10/22

I know Im missing something...
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Gotta love comblokk Surps

Mosin M44, Feg PA63, Norinco SKS, WASR 10
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lol every Hi Point in creation
Basically every Ruger semi-auto pistol (P9, P345, MKI/II/III, etc)
Mossberg 500
Maverick 88
Remington 870
Ruger 10/22 (and an assortment of other .22 rifles)

dang...I could keep going on forever. I think there are too many to list lol.
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Cobra firearms makes the patriot pistols in 9mm and .45. They also have a revolver called the shadow that looks interesting. I don't own any of these and the reviews are mixed but would like to give them a try.
Cobra is one of those Jennings/Jeminez/Bryco/Lorcin/Raven/etc. type companies...I have shot several of those guns with decent results...but a .45 out of one of those...I don't think I'd trust that lol.
The cobra patriot line is suppose to be of a new design. The reveiws that I have read have been mixed some hate them some love them much like the high point. I don't know how their customer service is though. I saw one of the 9mm at LGS but did not get a chance to look it over.Still I would like to give them a go.
They are made right here in SLC. Ive thought about picking one up since they are in my back yard.
Rossi revolvers (lifetime warranty and shoot nice)
Pheonix hp22 (I really like mine.... uhhh I mean, my wife's)
Steyr m95 (if you can find the ammo or reload for it)
Let's say Glocks, I carried one for years in LE and loved it. Used they are reasonable.
Nagant Pistol. Just picked this up for 125 and it looks like has never been touched by anything other than the infamous RGuns giant stamper

Also, the EAA/Zastava M88. Paid 239
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At under $500, both 7.62 and 5.45 WASR rifles (and some Bulgarian & Polish) can be back on the list. They are ugly and look crude -- my WASR looks like the guy making the stock didn't feel like sanding and randomly splashed a little bit of finish near it -- but they shoot every time.
Yeah I think that they put varnish in a super soaker, line up the furniture for the WASRs and then just spray in their general direction. The finish on mine was really ugly, but I replaced the handguards anyway and painted the buttstock black.
My dad has the Cobra Patriot in .45. It's like a Kahr knock off. It's actually a really decent gun, trigger pull is a mile long but it shoots well. We've gone through about 300 rounds with it so far and no problems. It's definitely an upgrade from some of their other pistols.
Heritage Rough Rider .22 Combo SA revolvers are inexpensive but very well-manufactured IMHO.
There is also my new addition, a SKKY cpx-1 9mm. The reviews are a love or hate thing, but so far I have put 100 rounds through it with out a single failure. the gun is a little small for my hads, but it's purpose is for deep concealment and such. I have yet to sit down at a bench and shoot for groups, but I chased a soda bottle from 7 to 25 yards pretty easy. The trigger pull is looooonnnnnngggggg, but smooth and relativly light for a double action only gun. For under $300, it is a definate win.

Will try to get some pics posted later..........
Under 500 dollars? There are some good deals on the market:

Springfield Armory XD9 Service (9x19mm) $480.00

Ruger P95PR (9x19mm) $300.00

CZ-52 (7.62x25mm) $300.00 (with 1000 rounds of surplus FMJ ammunition)

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Ruger SR9 at $400

The XD(M) can be found right above $500 at $530-580, if you know where to look
XD service pistol is $419.
I meant that was priced around here locally. Didn't want to sound like a d-bag.
Heck letsee....

Also check out the firestorm mini 45/40/9 they run about 300 bucks or so and shoot pretty dang good. Alota firestorms/Bersas run under 400 and they make a hell of a gun. If your wanting to get up to 400 though the SR9 is a great buy to. I have one and love mine.

Smith and Wesson has a rebate on the sigmas to, I just got a 40 cal myself was like 320 I think and I get eather 50 bucks back or 2 mags.
How about
stoeger cougar 8000 /$350+

Bersa 380 /$230+

Beretta 9000 $300+ (if you can find one)

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We can't leave out the other "cheapo" brands on the market:

Jimenez JA-9 (120.00 to 160.00 average)

Cobra Arms FS380 (120.00 to 140.00 on average)

Cobra Arms CA380 (130.00 to 180.00 on average)

Sometimes you can find these pistols used in pawn shops for well under 100 dollars. I'm looking for a used JA-9 just for kicks....lol.
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