Inexpensive rail light for JHP 45

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    First of all I wanted to say thanks to you folks for a great forum. I just found this board, and have read a great deal of good info. already. So, thanks.

    After a long search, I found a light that seems to work well.

    It's a NcSTAR model AZPTF - $24.99 w/ free shipping on Ebay.

    • All Aluminum Construction
    • 1 Watt Bright LED
    • 110 Lumens Peak Output
    • Push Button On/Off Tail Cap Switch
    • Weaver Style Mount
    • Dimensions: 3.2" L x 1.1" W x 1.4" H
    • Weight: 1.8 oz. with Batteries

    It's the right amount of brightness for my intended use. Good enough to see through out the house, but not so bright as to blind when hitting a white wall in total darkness.

    It comes with a pressure switch on/off in addition to the push button. I haven't tried the pressure switch - I'm able to operate the push button with my trigger finger, or the thumb of my non-shooting hand. Those of you with bear paws may want the pressure switch - I measured 9/16" from the middle of the trigger guard to the button. The light could be moved further forward for extra finger room, but then the twist cap to change the battery would be covered. It's another option for those with extra large fingers.

    In case anyone wonders about the grip cover in the pictures, it's a Pachmyar Tactical Grip Glove for Sig 220,226,228,229. Item # 05168.

    I'm looking forward to reading a lot more, and posting where I can.

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  2. doug6776

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    That looks great. What mount did you use?

  3. Pittisit76

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    It was supplied with the light, and the deciding factor in my purchase.

    The mount was really the main thing I was looking for. The flashlight that came with it is good enough to keep, but the tough part for me was finding a mount that would fit the gun properly.
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    Looks good! Unless you want to blind your opponent, 110 lumens is probably good enough.
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