Inexpensive/utilitarian rifles

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  1. I know the primary focus here is on handguns, but does anyone collect inexpensive rifles or shotguns? I have a few Kessler bolt action shotguns.
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    The Hi Point Carbine is pretty popular with folks around here, and you could probably call it the SNS of semi-auto carbines. There are also some folks with the H&R break-barrel shotguns.

  3. I have a Hi-Point carbine myself...shoots great.
  4. Right. Isn't the 995TS et al considered one of those "inexpensive rifles?"
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    How many inexpensive HiPoints do you need to own before it is considered to be expensive?
    HP familyA.jpg
    Looks like the wife's collection, I might have a few more. :p
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    NE Utah
    That’s my photo.

    I do have a few more. I think I’m up to 18?’s 19.
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    @RF4guy we have an extensive array of areas for discussions and topics to be placed in order to keep things relatively orderly. Please try to find the most appropriate section for your future posts. I've moved your thread to the proper place.
  8. I'll more likely than not get into having some FGC-9s. Hard to find anything cheaper.
  9. My apologies...wasn't sure exactly where to post that question.
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    Funny how things stay the same yet change. I use to roll my eyes when my dad would put a value on something based on what it cost 20 years before. Now my son rolls his eyes when I put a value base on what guns and ammo cost 2 years ago.
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  11. Sure. Inexpensive is relative, and it seems some folks took my use of the word the wrong way. Wasn't meant to slight anyone. I personally like bolt action and single shot brands etc. I've picked some nice guns up over the years for under $100.
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    Welcome from a fellow Virginian!

    I think I'm partial to bolt action also, picked up a few ww2-ish rifles in the past couple of years along with some newer ones like a CZ527 and Rossi RB22. My first firearm was a Noble single shot 22 when I was 13, still got it 55+yrs later:

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    It's all good, you're new and we essentially created a forum within a forum by adding the SNS/ROF section for the BJJA refuges. Big sprawling forum from hunting and fishing to guns and ammo. If you have a topic to discuss, chances are we'll have a section for it. If we don't, and there's enough generated interest. We'll make one.
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  14. I bought my son a JC Higgins single shot .22 for his 10th birthday and a single shot H&R 20 gauge for his 12th birthday. He still has both and he's 26...plans to hang onto them.
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    NE Utah
    I don’t “collect” inexpensive rifles or shotguns, except .22 rifles. But I have an NEF break action 12 that cost $100.
    I think, back in the day, Milsurps were the ultimate “inexpensive/utilitarian” rifle. Got a few of those too, back in the $150 or less range.
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    Like ajole said. Back in the day military surplus gun were the way to go. Not anymore. The old single shot H&R were also good. Most I ever paid was $90 for them in 12ga. Got a pile of them a few years ago and mosins to practice on.
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  17. Yeah, the prices on milsurp have gone through the roof. I got my Mosin and Enfield for under $100 in the 90's.
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    I was paying that a few years ago even. Its crazy the price people are willing to pay for them now. Then they get butt hurt if you mod them. Like they are rare pieces of art.
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    We all know there are always people looking for a reason to be butt hurt. I had a couple of guys at the range go ape because I shortened the barrels on a Sears 12 ga to 20 inches. I "ruined a classic!" Seriously?!
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    NE Utah
    They get more rare every time someone goes full Bubba.:D

    The ones that piss people off, are the ones that don’t do anything worthwhile, and cost more than simply buying a different gun that fits the specs Bubba is going for.

    But even then....if it’s a non parts matching Mosin....which 95% of them are...why do the true “collectors” go crazy? They wouldn’t even buy your gun!