Influenza A outbreak-Mobridge SD

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  1. Silicon Wolverine

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    And im pretty sure ive got it too. :( 60% of the teahers at my wife's school have it (no school tommorow or firday) and ive been feeling crappy since noon. Ill go in tomorrow but im sure i already know the results. Dang. Also large numbers of townspeople have it too.

  2. Sorry to hear.......I hope you all get well soon

  3. Get well soon SW, it sucks to be sick

    Its been bad in parts of Okla too this year. I had it even after getting the shot, my wife, step son and brother and his room mate had it also.

    They closed one rural school for a week because of so many cases of the flu

  4. Yeah it's pretty bad.
  5. Ridge

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    Clearly we need to send in a C-47 with a MOAB...
  6. Uraijit

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    I wonder what percentage of those teachers got a flu shot... I hate the stupid flu shot! All it's done is cause the 'bug' to mutate into a worse and worse, and more and more tenacious virus. It's stupid as hell! I'll bet you most of the people who got the shot, got sick anyway too! I NEVER get the flu shot, and I've only gotten the flu 2-3 times in my life! Most of the people I know who get the shot, end up getting sick anyway, every couple of years at a minimum. Often times, very soon after getting the shot itself.

    I don't know why we couldn't just leave it alone in the first place. People got sick before the shot, now they just get sicker...
  7. SteveD

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    If its the same flu that was thru here it takes a couple of weeks to feel completely better. :cry:
  8. Silicon Wolverine

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    I hope not, we have an informal rifle match this weekend im scheduled to run.

  9. Silicon Wolverine

    Silicon Wolverine Well-Known Member

    The sawbones said its just plain stomach flu, not inf-A. He said They are however completely out of inf-A test kits and we wont know for sure until tomorrow. BTW if you have to get that test, IT HURTS like a MOTHER!@#$%^. thye stick a swab in your nose and rummage around in there like mad for 10 seconds per nostril, oh and did i mention the swab has the consistency of sandpaper? Now i feel like crap and have a nosebleed to boot.

  10. urotu

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    SW, sorry to hear that man, I hate being sick.

    We just had our first child death in NM due to the flu. A five year old about 75 miles south of here. I thought wow, what a drag, then heard that he was the first child, but we've had 144 adult deaths since December, holy crap. 144 in 3 months, that's almost 50 per month. And they say guns are dangerous.

    I don't get flu shots either, nor does my son. I am a firm believer in building up ones immune system to let it do the job it was designed to do. But that's just me.

    Anyway, I hope you get better soon, lots of rest and fluids man. Stock up on vitamin C, lysine and eccinacia. Lots of green tea.
  11. SW, hope you feel better soon buddy. I hate the flu shots, but I hate the flu even more. No matter how you slice it or dice it, it sucks regardless. Get better buddy.
  12. The mrs came down with it this past sunday. She's a puddle of illness on the couch now...pumping as much fluids into her as possible. Hopefully me and the two boys don't come down with it. The Doc did the roto rooter nose test yesterday to confirm it. This sucks....
  13. The flu vaccine this year did not cover the strains that actually hit, or so my doctor told me. i had it a couple of weeks ago, and let me tell you, I have not been that sick since i had pnumonia when i was 16. I was laid out for over a week and barley had the energy to take a leak. Lucky for my wife, when she started to get ill, we got her in to the doc right away and she got tamiflu, and did not get sick.
  14. MSCHU24

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    I am finally feeling good enough to work after a week of coughing and weezing and a fever. This is the second flu I have had this winter. The first one I had barely gotten over when I got this. Now I think my kids have it :x