Innerworkings of the Suomi drum ?

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  1. blkhwkfxr

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    If anyone has some insight of the innerworkings of the Suomi drum and could clearify some of my questions I would be thankful.

    You may have seen my 40 cal extended mag in my previous post...
    I'm planning on doing something simular with the drum mag. On simple observation, it does not look like it would be much of a problem.
    First question would it be worth the effort and cost? I may end up going through 2 to 3 of these 20-30 dollar mags before getting it right.
    Second, How baddly would this throw off the firing characteristics of the 995 ? Seems like it would be back heavy.
    Third, would all the rounds feed or stop at the top of the drum?
    Lastly, would this be a complete terd or a head turner ?
    Anyother technical advise would be appriciated as well, thanks.
  2. griff30

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    I have a spare Soumi drum. I live in Ohio and have been concidering welding one to the base of a 9mm mag of the 995. After the New year I was going to pick up a 995 for this purpose. I wanted to add an ATI stock and put this under the pistol grip. Aesthetics? I dont care but 72 rounds of 9mm is awsome. The drum is 5 and 7/8ths" in diameter. 1 and 3/8' thick.
    I could send pics if you wish. You can jam 72 rounds down most but really it's 70 rounds. Occasionaly you will see them in "The Shotgun News" for $10 in large quantities (like everyone on this forum would like to do.)
    Nice work on the 40 above! Where do you live? I can travel some but this is not something I'll "send" or "lend" to, or someone I dont know or a post count of 9. No offence.

  3. blkhwkfxr

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    None taken Griff =) I will be picking up a couple of my own, but I appriciate the offer. I was wondering since you have one on hand, with the feed, do you believe that all the rounds would feed or stop at the top of the drum ? Think I may have to use some inert rounds as a buffer to make sure all live rounds get expended ?
  4. griff30

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    Yes you would for safty sake need 10 dummys maybe paint them red or something as a folower. Hell I would go as far as making it 12 red dummy rounds due to Soumi's being able to jam in 72 rounds in some cases. I would just reload the 9mm dummies with sand or something inert. I think I saw some Soumi drums in TSN this month for $10 in bulk. They are anvil reliable. wieght fully loaded? didnt weigh them before and dont have that many 9mm shells right now, but it's damn heavy. I do not know if the magazine catch for the 995 will support this much wieght.
    There is not much a magazine can be welded to it, it has been a common mod though. this guy moded a S&W mag to a soumi and a Marlin Camp 9.
    PICS: [​IMG] and [​IMG]
  5. blkhwkfxr

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    Great, now I have to have a CampGun for my new collection, thanks alot lbreevesii, LOL. Great info though, and thats a great photo, just wish he has cleaned up his weld before the final product. Do you think he made this mag or did I misread ? Almost sounded like he bought it somewhere.
  6. griff30

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    quote: I have modified a couple of Suomi magazines to work with this pistol, and with it's companion Marlin Camp Gun. These drums hold 72 rounds of 9mm ammunition, and were designed for W.W.II era sub machine-guns.
    He did it. One hours work, He wasnt going for looks on the weld. Personally I would need to buy some 995 mags to try it. I am in the opposite position blkhwkfxr.

    First question would it be worth the effort and cost? Oh yes. It turns the 996 from a simple defence weapon system into a SEIGE WEAPON. Or you can plink all day with 2 drums.

    Oh Im Griff30 of Griff not lbreevesii? LOL
  7. haha yeah. I haven't posted in this thread yet, just the other one. ha.
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    LOL, got those two threads mixed up =P
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    I'm sorry, but you would actually use one of those mags(the drum ones)? They'd look horrible on the 995, lol, and nobody needs 70 rounds of 9mm at the ready, lol.
  10. blkhwkfxr

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    I live in a rough neighborhood ? LOL. One of the reasons I decided to get both the 995 and the 4095 was to tinker and mod them. They are the most afforable carbines out there that have limited off the shelf mods. Anything I do to mine will then be know to be made by me... even if I am ripping ideas from others products =P.

    If I ever do need pistol caliber rds at the ready I carry concealed either my Beretta or my Bersa. I also carry one in the well and a spare 2 mags. Why ? Most selfdefence fire fights are finished in one or two rounds. I carry extra for those that may not.

    The last thing our lovely Hi Points are is pretty. So do I really care if it looks horrible in your oppinion? No, I'm out to have fun at the range with them, More rounds down range at once = more fun ? Pretty easy equation.
  11. Silicon Wolverine

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    There have been several attempts at the suomi drum mag by users here-myself included. None have come to fruition. The biggest issue i had was the spring pressure of the drum mag would vary enough from full mag to empty that i had feeding issues throughout. Also when the mag is totally full there is so much pressure on the feed lips of the 995 mag that they spread and hamper reliable feeding and on one occasion bent out far enough to let rounds spray out of the mag sitting on the bench.

    There was LOTS of info on this opn the old forum page, but i dont know if anyone saved it or not. I sold all my mags, parts etc to another user who was working on it. Cant remember who.

  12. Some people see no need for hi cap mags for the Hi Point carbines, but there are others that would definitely spend the money for ones that work good.
  13. AGuyNamedMike

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    I was daydreaming the other day about welding a promag 15 rounder to the bottom of a factory mag to get something that would reliably feed 20 rounds. I went so far as to think about setting the tuned mag lips by heat-treating them and then making some poor man's magpulls out of biciyle inner tube. Sigh, time to stop talking and start walking.
  14. elricfate

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    This is a good idea. I'm currently trying to convince CTD to send me a Suomi mag (I'm in Columbus Ohio)
  15. condition1

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    1911 mags

    has anyone noticed the similarity between HP and 1911 mags? Though they are .45 instead of 40, 1911 mags will hold and feed rounds of 40. It would eventually end up on the drum mag designed for 1911's. I intend to find out over the holidays if I can mod a 1911 to catch the pin in the magwell. I've said this before, but now I have several spare 1911 mags to fool around with (ok so I ruined one). The feed lips will have be adjusted, bent, etc. I just haven't had time to mess around with it. I should have a definitive verdict after New Years.