Insane Drag Racing wreck....

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by IBCW, Sep 26, 2014.

  1. IBCW

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    Still wondering how the guy walked away from that....
  2. Branth

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    That guy must have had some serious good karma to make it out of that one in one piece.

  3. bluharley

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    Eh, I've done that with no seat belts, helmet, or roll cage, and I walked away, right to a hippies house where everyone know. I was 16, and rolled my mothers Falcon wagon down the road.
  4. Bull

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    The Good Lord had pity on you, and didn't let you be found dead at 16 in a wagon!....
  5. bluharley

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    Me AND my buddy Harold. Guess we were supposed to see all those hippies writhing in the flesh!
  6. He needs a better restraint system.
  7. ajole

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    NE Utah
    He tried to steer around the Camaro he thought was going to cross the line, the Camaro saved it, he over corrected, and he was probably seriously sore for a while.

    Try rolling your 1980's or later car that way...they sucked gas and rode like boats, but the old steel cars were seriously strong.:p
  8. Bull

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    My dad had a 77 caddy ImageUploadedByHi-Point Forum1411916664.800650.jpg
    Had a heart attack and head on'd a car coming the other way..... The caddy was still drivable... Other car, not so much.... I was driving it on the interstate one time, spacing off, and just happened to glance at the speedo...... I was doin 90, and it felt like I was barely crawling along.. True land boat.
  9. Roll cage is the only reason.

    I hope he learned that personal weight MUST be taken into account for safety restraints. They're like ladders, god I can't count how many people I see on ladders rated for "up to 200lbs" and it's obvious they weigh much more than that.

    His first mistake was not stopping when the Camaro almost hit him. That's one of the primary safety rules of drag racing. I'm sure, I hope, he'll get reprimanded by the track crew for that.
  10. Bull

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    Thankly, there's a safety factor built in, or not many of us could ever use a ladder.
  11. Sounds like he needs one of these:

  12. Hermitt

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    I think Antron Brown's 2013 Pomona crash is one of the worst in recent times..... and boy was he ever pissed that he scratched up that new car..... :eek:

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    My favorite spectator sport! Love that sh!t.
  14. SWAGA

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    Some people should not use a ladder........