Inside the Power of the N.R.A.

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    It's from last year but it does a good job of illustrating how liberals think (the bias of the article is clear by the adjectives it uses to describe both 2A-supporters and gun-grabber).

    It also makes it clear that they (perhaps rightly) believe that the real front to pursue their gun-grabbing schemes is on the State level and that they believe that the NRA is inherently divided between a majority of "moderates" and a small but vocal (and controlling) minority of gun "zealots" who drag policy away from "reasonable" restrictions. They view it as analogous to what they believe of the interaction between the TEA Party "right wing zealots" and the "more moderate" majority of the Republican Party.

    Read it and understand what they're thinking. Don't knee-jerk into automatic rebuttal. Of course it's idiotic. But it's a window into their mind and what is proving to be the current strategy of the gun-grabbers.

    • Cede the Federal battlefield for now
    • Take the battle to State level
    • Take the battle to non-Legislative areas (such as CDC "research" and Presidential EO's)
    • Divide gun supporters and chip away at smaller segments
    • Promote emotion over logic at the local level

    Don't take this lightly. They're GOOD at the last two. They've been using divisive politics and messaging combined with emotion-over-logic quite effectively for half-a-century. It's their forte.

    And, to a certain degree, they don't really need to work too hard at being divisive among pro-2A "gun culture." Look at the Toomey thread in this sub-forum. Toomey really did have an "A" rating from the NRA. And after he got smacked down for Toomey-Manchin it sure looks a lot like he's been toeing the line. But instead of accepting his apology and taking him back into the fold (the way Democrats would one of their own), he's forever persona non grata. We've done their dirty work for them and divided out one that could/should be with us.

    The good news is that they suffer from "every problem looks like a nail" syndrome. They will continue to use the same tactics until they stop working. But they have traditionally worked. At least we know what's coming.

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