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I went ahead and installed the ATI stock and the extra buttpad today and took it for a spin at the range. Did the installation this morning, which was a little more involved than I was hoping it would be, but nothing that some filing and swearing couldn't fix. Overall, I like the fit and finish of the stock, even though I can no longer operate the magazine release with my shooting hand. The stock did add more weight to the carbine, which is good, and got rid of that "slappy" feeling that the factory stock had when firing. Interestingly enough, the carbine held it's 25 yard zero after installing the new stock. No failures to feed, eject, hold magazines, drop magazines etc...

I will have to say the ATI stock is a definite improvement to the 995, and in more ways than just looks. It would have been nice though if ATI would have included sling swivels in the package though.

Big kudos to milsurpstuff.com, extra 5% off for being a forum member, good price to begin with, and was here way faster than I expected.

I'm sure you won't be disappointed. At the range today someone said it was a hi-point in beretta furniture.

Did you see how much more solid the ATI is? It's great.
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