interchangeable HP mags

Discussion in 'General Hi-Point Discussion' started by unclerob, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. unclerob

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    Does anybody know FOR SURE which HP mags are interchangable.
    9mm, 380, 40, 8 shot, 10 shot, pistol , carbine ...
    Just HP, don't care about after market.
  2. elguapo

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    995 mags will work in the C9, but not the other way around. Dont know about anything else.

  3. Maverick

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    The 40s are interchangeable I believe.

  4. Yes they are, and +1 to Elguapo, the 995 mags DO work in the C9, but not vice versa. The .380 mags are all on their own, and the 4595 and JHP 45 mags WILL BE interchangable.
  5. The 8-round mags for the .380 ACP and the 9mm are apparently identical: they're listed as the same item in the Hi-Point flyer that came with my C9.

  6. After checking my Hi-Point flyer, I digress... Farmkid, you are correct, Sir!

    :oops: :D
  7. Sakdog

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    as for further proof in the pudding,
    Just before Ebay went stupid and stopped selling magazines I bought 3 CF-380 mags for a total of $21 incl. shipping (I was anticipating buying a CF-380) so I can confirm 100% that Factory CF-380 mags will work in the C9 I had 3 magazines shipped to me in baggie with original Hi point label and they all function perfectly in my C9, Only catch is that I bent the feed lips ever-so-slightly but they work flawlessly.

    Hope that is a firm confirmation maybe there are some skeptics out there
  8. unclerob

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    Am I correct in assuming you had to bend them a little more open/wider?
    This is why I started this post. The .380 look and fit exactly like the 9mm except they were tighter in the lips.
    Also I keep seeing the exact same price for both the 8 round mags.
  9. ab4ka

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    I have heard that the high capacity C9 mags will work in the 995. Is this true?
  10. unclerob

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    I have both right here. Looking at mine, you would have to remove the plastic "grip extension" from the C9 10, for it to fit up inside and lock in the 995.
    Other than that, they look exactly the same.
  11. Uraijit

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    The magazine bodies are identical, but the "floor" is different for the 10 round C9 mags.

    I've used my 995 mags in my C9 with no problems. I think somebody should sell a ring that would slip over the 995 mag to act as a spacer/grip extension for use in the c9
  12. I own both the 380 and the 9mm the mags are identical another name for the 380 is 9mm short.
  13. not to hi-jack but will a 380 round work in the c9 or the 995??
  14. unclerob

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    Maybe first shot, then expect things to go wrong like FTE with next round smashing into chambered empty ...

    I have never tried it, so I do not know for sure.

    9x17 Kurz/ Corto/Short/.380
    9x18 Makarov
    9x19 Parabellum/ Luger
  15. Uraijit

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    NEVER fire a round through a round that is not chambered for it. the .380 case is smaller than a 9mm case as well, so it would not be safe at all. You'd at the very least, be splitting cases, and be risking some nasty burns.
  16. unclerob

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    Although that is solid advice, for the most part, there are several exceptions to your "never" rule.
    First example is, all revolvers manufactured to use .357 Magnum ammunition can be safely loaded and fired with .38 Special ammunition.

    Always check with a reputable gunsmith before attempting anything like putting a .380 round in a 9mm Luger chamber.
  18. unclerob

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    Google "interchangeable calibers" if you want to see +several more.

    Be careful guys, and have fun.
  19. A coworker swears he shoots .380 out of 9x18 CZ82---

    He also swears that he routinly fires .38 Super out of his 9x23 Star Auto--

    I cannot vouch for the truth to this, nor do I recommend anyone trying it...
  20. unclerob

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