Interest in a firearms book and info?

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  1. I was thinking of taking all this free time I have on my hands (courtesy of my lung infection) to write a small book on firearms, ammo, etc. This would be a general primer of sorts, containing what most of you would consider "basic info", but would be very helpful for people just starting out in the world of firearms. Thanks to Primal for his encouragement, anyone else think this would be a good idea? Be honest, if you think I'd be wasting my time I'd like to find out before I invest too much effort.
  2. Never hurts to try, as the old saying goes, run it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes it ;)

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    Not a bad idea. If you clear up a lot of common misconceptions and spread *real* information about firearms you could stand to educate a lot of the "haters" and maybe bring some new enthusiasts into the fold.

    Understanding something goes a long way and I think many people might be more into firearms if they understood how they work and that, if properly used, they are safe and not necessarily something to be afraid of (i.e. they don't get up out of the safe at night and and run around killing babies).

    If nothing else, if you're planning on selling it and sales don't go too well, you could propagate it around the net as a free e-book (or maybe for donations) sort of like the P22 bible and the like.

    Good luck with it!
  4. Some input and questions, you don't need to answer:

    When I took my handgun classes, one of the first books I got was the basic handgun book by the NRA. How would your differ from that - i.e. what's the unique value?

    What's in the book one cannot find on the web were one so inclined to look?

    Who's your audience - example, duplicating the NRA book might not add much value. Writing a book for lady shooters, young shooters, scouts, etc. might fill a void. Maybe a source book for researchers, school dudes, etc.

    Maybe contact the NRA or similar and tell them you've got some time, etc. and would like to do yourself, or partner with someone there to create a specific topic book?

    Combine the primer book with the bible on hi-points. HP was my first gun due to cost and info found here. Maybe the book is a great way to get started in our sport and personal protection, leading up to a hi-value inexpensive purchase of an HP, etc.

    May want to include acronyms, slang, gutter talk, etc. so someone can learn the lingo per se.

    That's it. I've written some stuff, it's a bunch of fun and relaxing and tedious and all that. Go for it, and best of luck to you. If you need an editor or inputter or sounding board I'm sure many of us would help you out too.
  5. Well, for one here's something I'm trying to decide: how to write the chapter(s) on cartridges. Originally I was going to subdivide it, i.e. pistol cartridges is one chapter, rifle cartridges another, etc., but I realize there are so many cross-overs (quite a few pistol calibers are used in rifles these days) I was going to condense it into one large chapter... but having one huge chapter might not be very reader-friendly. Ideas?
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    What is the difference between a magazine and a clip?
    What is the difference between a bullet, a round, a cartridge, a shell, and a case?
    How are primers, rims, propellents, cases, and projectiles put together to form a cartridge?
    How do you safely clear a automatic pistol? revolver? rifle? shotgun?
    What are the differences of ball, JHP, FMJ, HP, frangibles, and wadcutter bullets?
    How do you care for blued, parkerized, or stainless steel firearms?
    What types of finishes are used on firearms?
    I answered your post before i saw it... (it took me a few mins to think of these... stuff i find interesting at least)
  7. I'm thinking a book aimed towards people who know nothing about guns, but are interested in getting one for both sporting purposes (target shooting) and concealed carry (protection of self). This would probably be aimed at shooters in my area (Missouri), but would be applicable to shooters as a whole.
  8. as a very new shooter ( not quite 2 years) I'd be all over a book like that
  9. I also have tenatively decided to focus purely on and devote more space to semi-automatic handguns (cutting out revolvers). I'm neither knowledgable about them, nor think its a constructive use of space (I don't know a single person who relies on a revolver for HD/SD; I'm sure they're out there, but usually if I see someone carrying a revolver it's as a BUG for a semi-auto).
  10. 4095 I think you would be surprised there. A lot of people trust the revolver because there is far less that can go wrong if the SHTF.

    We all just happen to be grouped together in a forum about a manf. that makes semi autos.
  11. Don't get me wrong, I know a bunch of guys who carry 'em as BUGs, but even at my local range I've seen every make and model of semi-auto carried as a primary, not one revolver. Even the ol' guys who were detectives touting .38 specials are carrying Glock/kimber/sig/etc.
  12. Calling it a night for writing... 13 pages done :). Thanks for all the encouragement guys, and all the good ideas. I might make this an "all-inclusive" primer, not just one on semi-auto handguns/rifles... but I'll need some help from those of you revolver fans! A little smidgen of info from shotgunners would be nice too... I think I have that covered pretty decently, but I could always use more help on that subject.
  13. I disagree. I make my wife carry a revolver and I'll tell you why. I don't want her to be under any pressure to chamber a round and hunt for a safety if her and my kids lives are on the line. I feel alot better about her pulling her 38 and putting down a BG without having to think about anything.
    Revolvers have there place in my house.

    Oh FYI we coth have CHL's and carry everyday.
  14. Well, that settles it: revolvers are back in. By the way, ever considered a GLOCK for her then? No external safety to worry about, and they can be safely carried with a round in the chamber. As long as she's good at keeping her finger off the trigger until she's ready to shoot, it'd be perfect for her.
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    There are various HD instruments spread about the house, but probably the easiest/fastest/go-to one in our sleeping area is a 6 shot .357MAG revolver loaded with hydrashoks.

    When I open carry (and when I eventually get CCW), that's also my setup.

    Maybe a section devoted to the pros and cons of each type. Maybe even have someone else who is more familiar with the subject do a small, attributed section of the book like they do in journals and textbooks and give them a co-author or editor shout-out.
  16. Here's my table of contents so far: comments/suggestions please!

    Table of Contents:

    Part 1: Getting Started


    Chapter 1: Firearm Safety

    Chapter 2: How Firearms Work

    Part 2: Learning About Firearm Types

    Chapter 3: How Semi-Automatic Handguns Work

    Chapter 4: How Revolvers Work

    Chapter 5: How Rifles Work

    Chapter 6: How Shotguns Work

    Part 3: Common Cartridges

    Chapter 7: Common Semi-Automatic Handgun Cartridges

    Chapter 8: Common Revolver Cartridges

    Chapter 9: Common Rifle Cartridges

    Chapter 10: Common Shotgun Cartridges

    Part 4: Picking your first firearm

    Chapter 11: Common Semi-Automatic Pistols

    Chapter 12: Common Revolvers

    Chapter 13: Common Rifles

    Chapter 14: Common Shotguns

    Part 5: Learning To Shoot:

    Chapter 15: Classes, Lessons, etc.

    Chapter 16: Common Range Rules, Etiquette, etc.

    Chapter 17: Maintaining Your Firearm

    Part 6: Defending Yourself and Others

    Chapter 18: Concealed Carry

    Chapter 19: Self Defense

    Chapter 20: Home Defense

    Chapter 21: Common Legal Statutes

    Chapter 22: Final Words

    Part 7: Appendices

    Appendix A: GLOSSARY
  17. count me in 4095.. knowledge is power!!! can i get a free copy.. ? 8)
  18. Good idea there 4095fanatic. :mrgreen: Most of my reading and learning comes from the 'net, but it takes along time to do so. Keep it up man :!: :!: :!: