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    Bought 1000 .45 acp cases off Gunbroker to reload. It was a very good price. I've done this before and got the usual Winchester, R-P, Federal, along with some imports, mostly TZZ. This batch was different. A lot of military surplus from the '60s - '90s. Several head stamps I had to look up, Carroll, Midway, 3D-Impact, etc.

    A few of the cases were a little "older". When was the last time you saw a .45 case with the "Peters" head stamp? Anyone know when they were taken over by Remington? Also got a RA 42 (Remington Arms 1942), a FA 33 (Frankfort Amory 1933), and a REM-UMC 18. That's right, a Remington .45 case from 1918. Even has the stake marks in it for retaining the bullet. Guess I'll pass on reloading that one and just put it with my 1917 S&W.

  2. I thought I had some old 45acp brass, mine is a RA63, and yes I reloaded it.

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    I actually have a '42 and a '54 that I've reloaded twice. :eek: Don't remember if they're RA or FC, or one of each. The '18 in the pic has a crack in it so it's just something cool to look at. The rest look good and could be reloaded if needed.
  4. After 97 years I guess it's time to retire.
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    :D :rofl: :dance:
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    Most of my .45Auto cases are WCC from 40 to 83. Thought everyone's were.