Interesting gun

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  1. Hard figure to put this one. Survival, General, 2nd Ad or Knife section. As the guy who made the video is a 'survivalist' of sorts, I put it here. I does have useful info in that area.

    It's a homemade muzzle loader that is used in the Philippines for hunting. It uses water pipe for the barrel and has a unique safety. It fires 2 bullets that are made from fishing sinkers. The powder is just match heads. The priming compound is made from safety matches.

    And just for Kirk, the bullets and the priming compound is made with using only a bolo knife(machete) as a tool as shown in part 2. It's used as a knife, scraper and a hammer. I'd bet that the only tool used to make the stock was the bolo knife. Filipinos do love their shape objects and I've never known one who wasn't handy with a knife.