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  1. Found the link to this on another board. The cupholder holster is sort of interesting. Hide your pistol in plain sight. So what say you HPFF?
  2. neat!

    I"m a big fan of finding new uses for magnets and magnetic technlogy. I've actually got a few ideas relating to hunting and shooting that I want to develop and potentially get produced someday.

  3. As of today it has been removed from the site and from being sold. From the letter on the site, some LEO's had issues with it and demanded it to be removed from being sold. Bummer, I think they were onto something.
  4. The product that was removed from the site was their cup holder holster. It was a 'concern' for law enforcement officers as it would allow someone to carry a pistol in their vehicle keeping it in plain site in their vehicle. The other holsters are still for sale.
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    Not knowing what the cup holster looks like, why would leo's have a problem with the product? If you can carry a pistol in plain view on the seat, why not in a device like this one?
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    I've got some magnets so powerful grown men can have a hard time getting them apart.
  7. Well, the magnetic hide away would not work on a HiPoint because of the alloy slide, but on steel slide guns it does look like a good hide away setup.

    As far as the cup holder holster... I know in SC a person can legally carry a loaded hadngun in the drivers compartment of a vehicle provide it is kept in a latched console or latched glove box. This is legal carry for any resident who can legally own a firearm with or without a concealed weapons permit. The cup holder holster would be considered an illegal carry in SC with or without a CWP.
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    That cup holster is slick! But i do believe it crosses some of the alphabet gang's rules and regulations. But S-L-I-C-K. Kudos Mike_AZ for finding that cache'd info!
  10. Usually I carry in my pocket or on the hip (once you get used to it, it really doesn't get in the way at all), so no need to hide one away, but I guess if circumstances ever made that impractical, good idea.