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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by tallbump, Sep 3, 2014.

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    Well, that was crazy. We were coming home from church tonight, heading east on 90. There was a car on the side of the road on fire. At first we thought there was a flare on the ground in front of the car because it was so small. I pulled over and ran back to it as the fire got bigger.. Smoke was getting so thick I could barely see in to make sure there was no one inside. I was the first one to stop and get to them. Both the adult driver and passenger were out and ok. i was on the phone with 911 as was the driver. as I was walking back to our car, there were several very small explosions. It was crazy.
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    Let us Pray!

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    Good deal. Word to the wise though. If you ever come up on that situation again. NEVER approach the vehicle directly from the front or rear. Always leave a rather large buffer zone between you and the bumpers. If you can, approach from the sides, preferably from the ditch side. Newer vehicles have blow it valves built in the bumper shocks but they do still fail. I've seen bumpers get hot and rocket off the vehicle. And never touch the vehicle with a bare hands if at all possible. If it's a hybrid or electric, the power wires could have melted and be touching the frame causing it to be energized.
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    Thanks Rach. I initially approached from the front as it was on the side of the highway, but as I got close I went to the side. I went to the driver's side as I figured there may not have been any passengers, but there had to at least been a driver. And I didn't touch the car. The driver saw me peering ( I hadn't seen him yet, it was dark) and told me to get back. I ran over to check on them to make sure they were alright.

    I walked back to the car. My wife was freaking out as the fire spread the the explosions started and she couldn't see me. It was dark and I was wearing a black shirt. We left as the emergency crews started responding. I knew everyone was ok and there was nothing we could do, and didn't want to be in the way. I wanted to take pics or videos, but resisted the urge.

    I can still smell the smoke though. THe wife threw my clothes in the wash as soon as we got home.
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    I remember about 8-9 years ago. My mom had come to pick me up from a friend's. She pulls up and I walk outside. All of a sudden I hear a loud pop and see a small fire start under the car. I start screaming and waving for her to get out. About one minute later the complete front half of the car is up in flames. The loudest part was the tires heating and popping. Took the fire department about 20 minutes to put it all out.
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    Dang! That's crazy! Glad everone is ok.
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    That's pretty much how this seems to have gone down. Cray stuff
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    Found a small story on the local news this morning

    Interstate Car Fire Halts Traffic
    Posted: Sep 03, 2014 11:59 PM EST Updated: Sep 03, 2014 11:59 PM EST
    By Emily Welsh - email

    A car fire caused quite the traffic jam on the interstate Wednesday night.

    State Police had to shut down a portion of I-90 to put out the flames.

    The call came in around 9:30 p.m. for a car on fire in the eastbound lane of I-90, just East of Lake Pleasant Road.

    Firefighters extinguished the blaze quickly, and police were able to reopen the roadway just before 10:00 p.m.

    No word on if anyone in the car was injured.
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    Glad to hear everyone's okay.

    Monday night my wife and I were going to see Ghostbusters in the theater for the 30th anniversary release. My wife got the direcdtions to the theater wrong, and we had to double back to the theater right by where we ate dinner.

    We went back up the freeway we were on an hour prior, and there was a huge semi tire in the middle lane of the freeway. I pulled over and went to get it out. My wife was freaking out of course.

    It was at dusk just before dark, and BIG rain coming, so the night was ending early. I made 3 false starts before I got to it. It was only the outside tread part - the sidewalls stayed on the rim. It was HEAVY, and HOT! I actually got BURNS on my fingers. Just before I got to it, a semi tanker full of gasoline swerved to avoid it and almost started to roll. I got it off the road, got back to the car, showed my wife the burns (they were mild but still!), and we drove to our destination.

    I'm FIRMLY of the belief that she got turned around so that we could be in that situation and save someone from complete ruin and death. I know that people get hurt doing things, but I am always the one running towards the commotion to save people.
  10. tallbump

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    One thing, after the fact, I wish I would have thought of. In our car we carry one of those hammer things, to break glass with the cutter for seat belts. I wished I would have grabbed that to take with me, just in case.
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    That's why I always have my S&W Border Guard in my pocket. It's got a belt cutter and glass breaker built in to the handle. I also carry a "T"-handle cutter/striker in my bunker gear.

    Side Note: In a pinch, you can use the antenna to break the side glass if there is nothing else expedient in the area.

    Or you can use your finger. (maybe it's fake, maybe it's real)
  12. tallbump

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    I had heard about the antenna but forgot about that.