Interesting: reload manufacturer likes Hi-Points better than Glocks.

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  1. Interesting. I bought some commercially reloaded .380 ACP reloads from a company. I'm not sure if I should name the company or not. When I bought he asked me what kind of gun I had. He says he has no problem selling to Hi Point owners, but doesn't want to sell to Glock owners. It seems in any other gun, his company's rounds work fine, but in a Glock .380 ACP, there's been misfire issues, even exploded barrels. He says even with something like Black Hills Ammo, the Glocks are unreliable. In his words the Glocks didn't use a hardened steel barrel.
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    Glocks have a long history of KABOOMS using reloads.

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    Their barrels are not fully supported and are crap. you can change barrels and they work fine with reloads just not the factory barrel.
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    Like 3rd hand info here and I really don't have the time right now to look it up.
    I thought it was only the Glock .40
    Partially unsupported chamber which cause the brass to slightly bulge.
    If this is not resized properly the bulge can cause an out of battery detonation.
    Ajole help me out, am I close?
    I believe there's a special little tool used by reloaders to size the 'Glock' bulge.
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    I have one of those resizers for glock rounds. At least as far I know Glock 40 is unsupported. I would imagine they all are though
  6. The 40 cases from what I understand are thicker than the old, and Glock has redesigned the barrels for more support. I haven't heard of a kaboom in a long time.

    Some of the kabooms in the past were with factory ammo. It is very important to rotate rounds when chambering to avoid bullet setback. There is a way around the setback issue.
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    I used to have a gen 4 17 and it wouldn't fire reloads from a guy I used for my .45acp rounds. This guy loads to factory specs, unless you ask him to make hotter loads for you, but for some reason, my 17 wouldn't fire his reloaded 9mm rounds.
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    What they said. I very much doubt it was a Glock strength or design issue, its just a matter of Glocks being a HUGE proportion of the guns being shot, with CRAZY amounts of ammo being pushed through the pipes.

    If they are 30% of the guns being shot, they are going to look as if they have lots of failures, just because so many of them are out there.

    And as WW said, there have been very few recent reports.