Interesting Tactical Stock for 22 Rifle

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  1. I have an old Glenfield/Marlin model 60 .22 rifle that I bought an ATI stock for. While surfing around for other model 60 mods, I stumbled across a company called MGW that produces a very cool tactical-style stock called MuzzleLite. I can't use one because I'm a lefty and the way the breach is set-back so far, I'd fry my face. But I was thinking that if I could get a stock like this for my 995, I'd learn to shoot righty.


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    Not to dash your dreams apon the perverbial rocks but, I had picked up one of these stocks for my Ruger mini 14. It was like shooting a gun made out of snap together model parts. The flex in this stock worried me to the point to which I wouldn't fire it.

    My suggestion to all is not to trust any of the Muzzlelite stock line.

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    Marlin makes replacement stocks for the model 60 that will serve you better than any of the aftermarket mods out there.

    The bullpup one has always made me chuckle a bit, if only because the sight rail is really freakin' high above the barrel.
  4. I have one, a neighbor gave me a box o' marlin 60, and I ebayed a Muzzlelite stock to go on it. They pinch the magazine tube so its hard to load, the sights are high as mentioned with the scope mount being higher yet. The sights are crude and made of plastic. Impossible to clean in a thorough break down without removing it from the stock, and thats a chore. Hard to clean the bolt and barrel, I have yet to break it down and clean mine in fact, just wash it out with some CLP and blow it out with an airhose.

    Now that I scratched the bullpup itch, I doubt I will have another.

    That said, it still works, is very short and handles well. I have a red dot on it and keep it close to the door specifically for a skunk gun. But it turns a multiuse rifle into a plinker and no more IMO, and not worth the money they want for them.
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  6. Well now... my mellow is officially harshed. :D
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    Now I have to go buy a 10/22 !! Thats a sweet plinker !