Interesting 'Why is hipoint bashed all the time?" post

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    found this article searching around for hipoints and loved some of the comments:

    hipoint is like a moped, its fine as long as your friends dont see you riding one

    or all the comparisms with other guns and saturday night specials.

    seems like many got their bad view points about hipoint from the earlier models which seemed to have a lot of issues.
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    I don't know what peoples problems are with HP. I have read many comments bashing them mainly over the price. This is about the only place that actually likes them. I love mine. I would put it up against any other 9mm made. So far on the range I have only seen one other shooter not having feed probs and many FTF/FTE probs with guys using everything from Ruger to Glocks. This one guy has a Bersa .380 and he had no probs with it.I have actually had other shooters ask if the could inspect it and all of them wanted to run a mag or 2 through it.So far mine is not a picky eater either. I have used the cheapest crap you can find including reloads and hand loads. I have had 1 problem. That was my fault. I let go of the slide to slow.

  3. People made fun of the Ford Pinto, but it got you to where you were going just like a Vette did

    I think everyone is a snob about something

  4. Yep
  5. Big, ugly, heavy but it goes bang everytime and hits the target and it's inexpensive and has a lifetime warranty.

    What's not to love?
  6. I was reading on another forum yesterday, and some guy was asking what kind of gun to get for his girl friend. she thought she wanted to try shooting, but wasnt sure. he was asking for a gun that wasnt too expensive but would give her good service.

    they talked about a lot of guns, but one guy said get her a Hi Point it was a ugly gun but it shot good always went bang and he even admitte3d he like to shoot them. but he said he could never own one because he had bashed them to all his friends.

    sorry guys I like the way a hi point looks, yeah they are big heavy guns. I like big guns, they tame the recoil. I like all of my hi points and I have five of them and intend to have some more :lol:
  7. A lot of us dont really think they are all that ugly either.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder :)
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    I for one like the way they look,handle and go bang. They do the job just as well and reliable as a high dollar 1911.
  9. I didn't mean butt ugly, just sort of homely :D

    I refer to my C9 as my "Poor Man's Glock"
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    I think people are scared of the Hi Points. I think they feel ripped off on their other purchases on some level.

    Here we have firearms ranging from $100-$220 on the high end, and they are totally reliable, and fairly accurate. They go bang just as well as their other much more expensive guns. I honestly think this scares people knowing that something so "ugly" and inexpensive works so well.

    In the end the bad guy doesn't care if he was shot by a Kimber or a Hi Point when trying to rob you.

    Death isn't prejudice, it is absolute.
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    I disagree strongly, they do not go bang just as well as a high dollar 1911, because the 1911's trigger pull is soooo sweet, because it is single action, and the hipoint's trigger pull leaves much to be desired...

    However i do like hipoints, and believe that people have a stigma on just about everything... cars, tv's, shoes, PENCILS and PENS for Christ's sake!, and firearms are no different...
    The way i look at it, if you are starving, a steak will keep you alive, however so will any item on the dollar menu at mcdonalds, and so will many FREE plants, insects, and trappable animals around you.
  12. My guess - stems from the "you get what you pay for" mentality.

    Take swords for instance - there are your wall hangers that are dangerous to use in a sword-like manner, there are your cheap "functionals" that will cut, may handle like a beefstick (but still questionable), the practicals that are dependable but lack some of the fancier trimmings, there are your hand forged, folded, differentially hardened name brand katanas, then there are your nihonto's that can easily cost you as much as a house.

    In this spectrum there is a definite "you get what you pay for"reality." There are exceptions to the rule - probably a rare couple of models in the practical realm (masahiro bamboo, or a paul Chen practical kat).

    Is Hi point similar ? I think so - it's one of the 'best buy' exceptions to the rule. Gun snobs just trash it. More's the pity - if they'd get over their wallet-egos I think the Hi point community (and options) could be a lot better.
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    You get it in all realms. I see it all the time in my industry (theater), where each employee lives and dies by the notebook computer they carry. Many "arts snobs" ONLY use Apple computers, no matter that most of the mechanical systems in a theater run on DOS or Windows based systems. Usually this is in the admistrative or artistic divisions. Most theater tech, stagehands and engineers like myself use Windows.

    When asked why do they use the Apple computers, which cost anywhere from twice to 4 times what my laptop did, they simply reply "Well, it's so easy to use! And, EVERYONE in the industry uses them". Then they can't open one of my reports or view video of a production because it's in a Windows format, and then they insist that there's something wrong with MY end of things. I bust out th $5 webcam for videoconferencing, and they have to shell out abotu $120 for one of the only 3 "Apple Approved" webcams. And, when my battery dies, I whip out mine and throw a fresh one in. The director of the theater can't even remove the battery on his MacBook Air without the factory doing it for him!

    Sound familiar? I carry my $160 Hi-Point C9 and $100 Hi-Point .40 in the same bag as my $500 dual core windows machine. That still puts below the cost of ONE of those gunsnob guns OR halfway towards an Apple laptop. Now THAT'S smart gun ownership.

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    I really don't care what anyone else thinks or says about my Hi Point it's heavy, ugly, and bulky and I can hit a target any time I want. I carry mine for work and for play I shoot mine all the time I trust my Hi Point it goes BANG when the trigger is squeezed. I have seen these "name brand" jobs ALL have malfuctions and IT has cost lives because of it. The more that those fools and SNOBS leave a Hi Point alone the more there are for the rest of us out here

    Everytime I hear a comment at work about my cheapp gun I just look at em and laugh and say, "Ya but I have mine here, yours is at home resting for the night!"
  15. Strangerous can you make a 1911 break under 3lb in under 5 min? I did it with my C-9 and my JCP 40.Your right thay don't come that way but as someone said it ain't rocket science. Still haven't got that 4095 under 4lbs yet.
    Remember beauty is in the eye oy the one paying the bill.
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    Function over form for me every time.

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    this should be added to the techs and tips or what ever

    I would realy be interested if you'd be kind enough to let us know how to do this ourselves.

    I think this would be a great addition to the tech and tips threads.
    Not to mention I am sure it will get rave reviews.
  18. Re: this should be added to the techs and tips or what ever

    Me too 8)
  19. Thayldt21 The PM she no work on the info you want E-mail me.
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    Tooguns got the PM with the info.

    I got to tell you are sitting on some good info there.