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    God, I HATE sites like that.:mad:

    The video won't play, there's no transcript to read, there's 80% of the real estate on the page devoted to ads and "hey squirrel" type crap.

    Anybody wanna tell us wtf happened to the poor pizza delivery guy? it sorted.

    Misunderstanding about a tip, car dealers act like ass hats, post their ass hattery on line like they are da bomb, yo....and get slammed by everyone! No sales, bad reviews, and the 'net community raises a pile of money for the delivery guy.

    Sounds like he can join the Papa Johns driver in the "won't be fired" group.
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    I thought it was just my phone that wouldn't play it. Those sites piss me off, too. Any video should have a transcript or at least a detailed synopsis with it. If it won't play, it's useless.
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    That's why I try to find links to pages that have an actual article written up that I can re-post instead of just the video. Drives me nuts when people just drop a link in a post without doing a copy and paste of the article itself.
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    This pizza guy was set up. The bill was $42 and they handed him 2-20s and 2-$5 bills. If you want change, you just hand him $45 :mad:
    Morons... Mass-Holes is more like it! (no reflection on you, Adam! or the good folks in Massachusetts)


    Same as the above "edited link" lol


    ^^^ Not Quite ^^^

    This time, it bit them in their "MASS" :D
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    I didn't see anyone ask for change, and being they only handed the dude 18% more than the total its fairly easy to mistake that as a tip since standard is 15%. I usually tip 20-25% to make up for people like that.
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    Used car salesmen hate them almost as much as lawyers and anyone who is protesting in the road or has an Obama/Biden sticker on their car.

    I hope the pizza company puts these guys on a no delevery list.
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    I'm sure that more places than that one pizza place put those guys on a "do not deliver" list. Any face on that video just became "an hero".
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    I used to successfully deliver pizza for a living - for several years. The car dealerships were usually some of the better tippers. Did really well by delivering on time, hot, and being polite.

    One time I delivered WAY out - the manager required that we deliver there, the directions were completely wrong, had to get out the phone GPS, etc. Got there and some smartass teenage chick was there, and she wasn't the one ordering the pizza. They had already paid with a credit card over the phone, so no biggie. They weren't going to tip, part of the job.

    Well, the smartass chick decides to sic a dog on me just as I'm getting out of the car. Got back in and drove off. Of course they'd called back and my manager was somewhat hot, but he knew I was the most level-headed one there, and I wouldn't EVER tick off a customer purposefully. I set the meal on the table in the back and said, "Well, looks like they paid for our dinner." Told them what she did, and said I wasn't ever going back, and to put them on the do not deliver list.

    My manager knew I wouldn't ever make that up, so he put her on the list. He then called back and reported that they wouldn't be getting a refund, and if they disputed the charge he'd have the owner press criminal charges.

    That pizza tasted pretty good.
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    Another time this woman calls up and I take the order over the phone. She orders like $70 worth of stuff, and our sodas and sandwiches and wings and everything but the pizza was all WAY overpriced. I deliver, she wants exact change, complaining that she has NO MONEY. See order total above.

    Later in the night, she calls in, I take the order, $65 worth. I'm back within an hour of the first delivery, again, no tip. Then her just absolutely DARLING about 5 year old daughter peeks around the corner and asks in the SWEETEST voice, "Mommy, can I please have a piece of pizza?"

    Imagine if you will satan having sex with medusa. This woman looked like that baby had thrown up and the resulting vomit crapped itself and was now a crack whore.

    She turned and SCREAMED - at FULL volume - "GET BACK IN YOUR ROOM YOU ARE NOT GETTING PIZZA I CAN'T AFFORD ANY FOOD FOR YOU, YOU MISERABLE LITTLE F#¬ĘKING SH!T!!" That poor little girl was just an angel, and I have no idea how this woman ever had sex as putrid as she was, so the girl MUST have looked like her dad.

    Needless to say that address was on the do not deliver list about 3 seconds after I got back in the door. She called another hour later, third time that night. My manager told her that it was with pride that she was never going to get another delivery from our establishment, and slammed the phone down on her cussing.
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    For not having any money, she sure ordered a lot of food.

    She could have been an "escort" and had the John pay for their meal together.
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    I had to go "All Liberty" at Cracker Barrel a couple of weeks ago. Ordered the Country Boy steak and eggs breakfast. Now I hate to complain, so I order exactly what I want and makes sure they have it down correctly, cuz Cracker Barrel is really bad about getting your order right if it is not "the norm" as in straight off the menu.
    I asked for regular hash browns, extra brown & crispy, steak med rare (cuz I really want medium, they always overcook it) and scrambled eggs, with cheese in the eggs (which they almost always offer) I figure it will be OK, since the waitress repeats it all back. SHe is a "rising star" meaning it's her first year, no stars for years of service, but she seems very competent and careful.
    OK, my food gets there and no cheese in the eggs (i'm OK with that... for now) and I get that abominable "hash-brown casserole" instead of Hash Browns. So I send that back, (reiterate Extra Crispy hash browns) and start on the rest. 2 strikes, but I just want my hash browns. Next, the steak is overcooked, like Med Well... and when my hashbrowns show up, they are regular, not extra brown. When the waitress shows up again, I asked for the manager.

    Guess What? I got a free breakfast. I told the waitress I knew she did her job, just that the kitchen always gets it wrong. I don't think they read past the main item, they just do a regular "Country Boy" cuz that is exactly what I got. I even delete the fried apples, but they sent those out too... :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  13. Never go to Cracker Barrel, I loath franchises. Maybe you should try your local Mom and Pop next time.
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    We take turns, make the rounds, whatever... Which brings me to today, the reason I remembered Cracker Barrel. We went to the "Coffee Cup" local place. I ordered a skillet which is hash browns, veg, sausage, and 2 eggs on top. I order rye toast which comes with it.

    The food comes out pretty quick, and of course... mine is wrong. I get an omelet and hash browns on the side. I was going to take that, but the cute waitress insists she can fix it immediately, and that it was her fault. So I got an extra order of toast out of it, for the egg yolks of course :D
    It was pretty good, and it was quick. The best part is she fixed her mistake right away. No harm, no foul. :cool:
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    Seriously, if the server just comes right out and admits screwing up, and just fixes's all good.

    Once, after a state championship FB game we took the whole team to a chain store steak house. Two of us coaches sat with the bus driver, ordered our food, and it comes...but not the drivers. About halfway through, we catch the waitress, ask about it. We get totally done...still no food for the driver.

    We get the manager, and he says he'll handle it. Goes back to the kitchen, comes back out with a plate. Steak is rare, I mean raw, not brown, but gray on the edges. Our bus driver is a cantankerous old guy, he was pretty dad gummed PO'd by now...but he splashed steak sauce on that piece of crap meat, and ate it, cussing it the whole time, loudly telling every employee that walked by, and any customers in our side of the room, that it was the worst steak he had ever eaten in his life.

    Then on the way out, he managed to corner the manager, insult his entire lineage, work ethic, manhood, and intelligence, swear he'd never ever come to that place or bring anyone there again, and walked out.

    Never did get any apology, any indication that they were sorry, or hint that they had screwed the pooch.

    We still remind him of that night when he drives us. "Hey, Terri...this burger any better than that steak up in Park City?"
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    Anyone willing to type the summary of the video other than 2 $20 and 2 $5? I'm surprised at this time of technology that Closed Captioning/Subtitle isn't added in video.
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    When the guy kept the apparent "tip" and left, they called the pizza place back and demanded change. The pizza guy came back and returned the $7, and when they were yammering at him, he said something like "Here's your $7, sorry for the misunderstanding. It's all good, OK?" basically trying to end it and leave. They kept harassing him, and he was walking out, and a female said "Git outta here before I put a foot in yer @$$" and then a guy over on the right of screen said "call that place back, I want that's JOB!!!"
    The pizza guy was trying to not be antagonistic...

    The End ;)
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    Not quite. Because then all the guilt ridden internet do-gooders who have probably taken a dump on a delivery driver or two felt bad for him. They hammered the dealership and set up a donation fund for him, which is over $7,000 now.

    The End
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    What I wrote was the end of the surveillance video, Pup's right about the rest, that sums up the CNN spot. Silly Me :D
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    So wifey and I have a standing date night every other Friday. My monster-in-law takes our 3-year old OVERNIGHT so we have the entire night to ourselves. Fun ensues.

    So a couple of months ago, we decided we were going to hit the IHOP for dinner, as we enjoy the menu and had some gift cards. They seat us and didn't even get us our drinks. They were a little busy as the Marshall football game had let out and all of the travelers gotta eat SOMEWHERE. 23 minutes roll by and someone who came in just after us gets their food, and no waitress in sight.

    My wife gets off a little late on Fridays so she's STARVING and cranky. The LAST thing I want to do is have an upset wife with the house to ourselves later. So I stand up and ask the whole restaurant for a manager. It's amazing how fast they run when you do that.

    He comes over, takes our order, specifically tells us before he does that the meal is going to be on the house and he means it, dessert, drinks, everything. Well, normally I just order water, better for the waistline and better on the pocketbook. I got some strawberry orange juice thing they make, and about 3 refills, my wife got hot chocolate (which they don't have free refills, and she got refills), I got my omelette loaded for bear, plus waffles, my wife got her food and picked something she never gets because it's usually too expensive, PLUS dessert too. And the food WAS really good.

    We did sort of need to waddle out. I'm guessing it was close to a $60 meal, and he served us and specifically told us there was not going to be any tipping either.

    Well, the manager walks us out, never shows us a check or anything. He tells us it's literally his first day, they brought him in to fix the store, they had four different personnel issues, the staff had grown to not touch any table not assigned to them, there wasn't any communication about who had our specific table, so no one had it, and they had to call an ambulance while we were there for one of the staff. He did ask us to come back.