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    I don't carry so that I can be the Lone Ranger.

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)

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    That blog post really brings it home for people that CC and think they canwin when it's all over but the shouting n shooting.
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    It would really depend on so many things, how can anyone say what they would or wouldn't do?
  4. Keep this in mind also. People think, oh I have home owners insurance, I'm covered. Good luck with that... Home owners insurance covers accidents or liability. NOT the intentional act of you pulling the trigger. YOUR ON YOUR OWN THEN..
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    What Kirk said and my desire to never be another Zimmerman.
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    Besides the situation, it would also depend on us as individuals. Some have more to lose, or more to live for. Spouses, kids, etc. I don'r have a spouse or kids, I'm 60 going on 80, I'd probably be willing to take more risk than some. You young guys with wife and kids are much more likely to act in your best interest. and you should. I do have a cat that depends on me, so there's that.
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    So I guess I'm the only guy around here who has one of these in his wallet?

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    I had a Paladin suit when I was about 6-7! I remember that card. gave it to my friends...they weren't impressed:cool:
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    So each person has to decide on their own what and if they need to use force. What does suck is the asshat you just saved or what ever and they want to sue you. Human nature makes leaders or followers and recently asshat have been added. Those are the ones if they would wear a sign you could just walk away from and the natural order of things would thin the herd. If they sue you they need to be committed to the state hospital for being a f tard.
  10. This. ^^

    It is impossible for a person to truly know what they would do in a certain situation until they are actually in that situation.

    I have been there 3 times in the time I have been carrying, twice in NY, where you pretty much have no right to SD, and once here in PA. Thankfully, I did not have to pull thee trigger in any of these cases, In one, the goblin gave up, set his weapon (was trying to rob a friend's shop with a philips screw driver, size large) down, and kept his hands in sight until LE showed up. The other two, both guys took off running as soo as the found out I was armed. I am happy with those results, and I hope to keep the record where it is, by not having to take a life if at all possible.

    I carry to ensure one of two things. A. that my loved ones are safe while I am with them, and B, that I stand a far better chance of coming home to them at night. If they are safe, and retreat is possible, I will retreat. That being said, I will end on this note.

    If I am willing to die to protect those I love, what in the name of all that is holy would make anyone think I am not willing to kill to protect them?

    Anyone else is on their own, as I (and the police) have no duty to protect them.