intratec ab10 vs. masterpiece arms mac 10

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  1. rodka

    rodka Member

    do any of you guys own one of these im intersted in either of them for a fun and cool looking plinker. i know there arent the most accurate guns made but they look cool and i dont need that much accuracy for short distance plinking.

    which is more reliable and accurate?
  2. Jarhead1775

    Jarhead1775 Guest

    I would get a Hi-Point 995. You will have accuracy, lifetime warranty and be able to plink semi long range. Plus the looks are just awesome.!!! :D :D :lol:

    On a serious note: I wouldn't purchase either. LE hates these weapons and I just stay away. However, Intratec went out of business in 2001. Masterpiece Arms is still in business so if you were to run into problems at least you would be able to get parts to fix the gun.
    Masterpiece would be my choice between the two. How about a 4095? :shock:

  3. rodka

    rodka Member

    im planning on getting both cabines but im looking for hi cap.

    the vector arms uzi is also on the list any more suggestions?
  4. Jarhead1775

    Jarhead1775 Guest

    I actually did shoot the vector Arms Uzi. Was very impressed with it. It did not malfunction like the mp5 or rra ar-9mm. Atlantic Firearms is selling them for $659.00.
    I was going to purchase this before the 995. This forum changed my mind and I tried the Hi-point. The Vector Uzi is definately in my future.
  5. Sakdog

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    Ive shot several Mac clones and a couple of intratec's gadgets as well..You definitely shouldn't rule buying a gun out because LE doesn't like them, LE probably doesn't like red corvettes either... but since we don't live in a police state yet what the LE thinks should be as much of a concern as what Rosie O'donnell thinks. These are all kind of cool looking guns.. But their charm usually dies off just after the looks. the ergonomics suck ... . and on every one of these type machine pistol I have shot they tend to jam pretty bad.. and usually when they jam they kill the round... smashing the crap out of the case etc etc.. So when I was shooting I had 10 rounds of damaged live ammo sitting at my feet next to the empties that actually fired. the sights suck.. accuracy sucks.. and clearing a jam every 3rd round isn't fun either. Believe me I don't like to knock any guns but every intratec or mac clone has been nothing but problems to anyone Ive known that has one. They look cool as hell! Ive never shot or owned any of the IMI Uzis.. But I would like to and I think they are of higher quality than the macs or intratecs. I guess if you have deep pockets you could buy an Uzi a micro uzi... Or maybe an HK mp5... But if you aren't stinking rich a 995 with ati stock will surely be a good deal.. Or possibly a 4095.. I think you will find that most people will try to lead you away from the tecs and macs
  6. rodka

    rodka Member

    thats all ive heard about the intratecs and macs is that they suck but i was hoping it would turn out like hi point, people hate them but they work.

    Jarhead1775 that is where i saw the mac and uzi on atlantic firearms they have got some pretty cool stuff.
  7. What about the Tec 9?

    Any news on that?
  8. Jarhead1775

    Jarhead1775 Guest

    Rodka, that is where my friend bought his Vector Uzi from. They sometimes have good closeout deals. You just have to watch for them.
  9. griff30

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    I have owned a Cobray preban Mac10 that worked flawless.
    I wouldnt own another, I have a more powerfull weapon in the Kel-Tec PLR-16. 30 roundswith 3 times the power of .45. $500 and you wont regret it.