Irma Cat 6? Cat 7?

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Where will Irma Go?

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  1. NYC

  2. Miami

  3. Daytona

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  4. NC

  5. Detroit

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  6. Florida Keys

  7. Pierre SD

  1. Yes-yes boys and girls! Will this be hype or real? Real hype? The Ytubers are hollering about NYC getting hit. :eek: Just as long as it stays out of Tennessee. Mom, my nephew and his wife live in Kernersville NC. :D Are they playing on Harvey fear?

    Irma German for goddess of war.............

    And 2 more behind her? o_O
  2. wganz

    wganz Supporting Member

    NYC does have a history of getting peelayed by hurricanes. And it ain't gonna be pretty if/when it happens again.

    And the old timers there will shake in fear when reminded of this 1938 disaster:

    The problem now is the exponentially increased population density plus the rise of an 'entitlement' mentality where no one is responsible for their own well being. Not going to be pretty if a Cat 4 comes visiting.
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  3. greg_r

    greg_r Lifetime Supporter

    Probably a lot of the news media playing on fear.

    But I'm watching this one close. They say it has a good chance if hitting the Carolinas. And it's supposed to be a strong one. Having flashbacks to Hurricane Hugo. But I'm ready. Stocked up.
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  4. Andrew came in to Homestead a very compact storm. It was moving fast. They claim they don't know how high the winds were. Some said 250mph+ the anemometer at NOAA broke.
  5. planosteve

    planosteve Lifetime Supporter

    Still get a bit more water and gas. You can never have too much. Oh and TP, you can never have too much TP.
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  6. Rachgier

    Rachgier Administrator Staff Member

    If it hits the Carolinas, you might have me coming through your AO. My grandmother just bought a house in Wilmington and my mom is near Topsail.
  7. moona11

    moona11 King of you Monkeys Lifetime Supporter

    See the idea of living in a frozen waste land doesn't seem so bad now does it. We have the 4 seasons. Blizzards, wind, road construction, and mosquitoes. 3just happen at the same time.
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  8. eldarbeast

    eldarbeast Supporting Member

    This storm has "Pierre SD" written all over it!

    Buckle up, Dakota!

  9. MaryB

    MaryB Supporting Member

    Just checked latest track from the National Hurricane Center... Florida Keys then into the gulf unless high pressure manages to turn it...
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  10. moona11

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    Good I'm in the other one. I'm safe
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  11. Froggy

    Froggy Member

    Did I hear right that there's 2 storms behind this one?
  12. Jose looks possible development SW Gulf. Katia off of Africa.
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  13. Froggy

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  14. Already water shortages in Florida. MIL said Walmart in Lakeland had 5 cases of water. She took 2 and a M****** took her cart with her purse. She stopped him. She was picking up the second one when he did it. o_O
  15. Well it was a pretty weird thing I found on short notice. :confused:
  16. rowiebowie

    rowiebowie Supporting Member

    They're getting awfully good at predicting paths for these storms so if you are in Florida, good luck.

    But I hope they're wrong and it makes the hard right turn sooner and back out into the Atlantic.
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  17. Dane

    Dane + unkown number of likes Supporting Member

    I was in a couple stores yesterday and people were buying cases and cases of water. One Publix shelves were almost totally empty with only gallon containers left.
  18. 175mph and going to the Keys(?) And the storm in the Western Gulf can whack Florida too? Or both could end up in Houston/New Orleans?
  19. moona11

    moona11 King of you Monkeys Lifetime Supporter

    Have friends in different parts of Florida and they are all saying water is hard to find in stores.
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  20. WECSOG

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    Ten, borderline lebbum. :eek:
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