Iron/Ghost Sights ??

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  1. Anyone still using the iron/ghost sights? I honestly like mine. I've tried a scope but sold it. For some reason I like the iron sights and I feel accurate with them...
  2. I learned how to shoot with a rear peep sight and I've loved them ever since. If you can see the front sight, you have the correct sight allignment.
    I did order a red dot though. I'll give it a try. If I don't like it on the carbine, I'll try it on my Saiga.

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    I've stuck with the irons on mine too. A buddy had a red dot on his and it was OK but I could line up faster with the irons. I am really not fond of the red dots myself anyhow. Plus it is my SHTF gun. Less to go wrong. I thought about putting a regular scope on it but face it, the gun is not designed for long range.

    I would consider a Halo style scope but right now its out of the budget.
  4. condition1

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    Iron sights all the way. I doubt I'd ever shoot mine past 25 anyhow, unless I'm out in the sticks fooling around.
  5. My 995 for short range is fine with iron sights.

    my saiga in .223 for middle range, am comsidering some sort of optics to
    use, just waiting for my side mount.

    Have a bolt action in .243 for long range.

    And last, a Glock 19 amd Ruger P95 for at home.

    This should be a good start for the wife and me untill help arrives, now just need lots and lots of ammo.....

    Keep on shootin
  6. Mine came with a scope on it; didn't even have the iron sights. I took the scope off and put a red dot on. I've since gotten iron sights from Hi-Point but never put them on. Guess I should give them a try to see if I like them.
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    I like the factory irons, but I like my red dot as well. I also take a lot of non-shooters or infrequent shooters out shooting, and the red dot allows them to shoot well with my 995, which tends to be their favorite gun anyway.

    I tried co-witnessing my red dot with my irons last month, the results were workable, but awkward.
  8. It's nice to see a few other factory iron sight fans as well. And yes, I found it to be faster to lock on target as well. And I didn't get my carbine for long distances....