Iron sights off about 8" at 30 feet

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    I just bought a new 4595TS. Cleaned the bore and took it to the range. The only way I could get a shot on the paper was to aim 6" to the left of the Bulls eye with the rear sight cranked to the maximum. (yes it was on the correct side).
    Came home and used the bore sight. At 30 feet the iron sight and the laser were off 8" inches.
    I took the gun completely down. Cleaned and lubed all the moving parts. Put it back together thinking I might see how to adjust the rail and get the bore and the Iron to line up.
    No luck.
    Anybody, got any ideas?
    Thanks in advance if you do.
  2. Your front sight is canted. Loosen the two set screws on the base, straighten it out and retighten. It's a common and very fixable problem.

  3. Just aim center mass and you will be fine:D
  4. Pretty common. Just fix as mentioned above. My 4595TS off like that when I got it too.
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    Move the target in closer. :D
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    NE Utah
    Just to check...what do you consider to be the "correct" side for the rear sights to be on?

    Other than that...see the above posts regarding front sight cant.
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    ajole - thanks for the "checking" - you move the sight to the left to shoot further right and right to shoot further left.
    Yeoldetool - tried this last night before I posted. The lower rail prevents any canting of the front sight. Before I got out the swiss files and make mods to the rail and lose the warranty, I thought I'd see what other people thought. I could remove the rail, but will lose any future light or laser capability.
  8. Its shooting 6 feet to the right and the rear is adjusted all the way to left? If the rear sight is all the way to the left then your bullet should be hitting way off to the left, sounds like more than a front post issue. it should only be that far off at 30 yards if you accidentally moved your rear sight all the way to the right instead of adjusting the sight to the Left which would bring the rear of your gun to the right, your front post and your bullet to the left.
  9. Rob, the lower rail does not prevent ANY canting of the front sight. Loosen the two set screws a give it a try. You don't have to move it much. OR, you can loosen the height adjusting bolt and move the top part of the sight a little to the left or right. Can you eye ball the sight to see if it looks straight?
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    Wheeljack - there is a notch that's been cut into the lower front rail. The front sight fits into this, snug. There is not movement unless I want to modify it. I just another guy's post where he thought the barrel was bent. Mine looks straight. I had the gun apart last night before I started the post. It looks straight to me, but then I'm no expert.
  12. If the rear sight is all the way to the left and youre still hitting right id take advantage of that lifetime warranty. have you tried a boresighter? I have one similar to this and it always has me on paper on the first shot, you can also pick up a bushnell boresight at wally word.
  13. Rob, I'll try again. Loosen the set screws and twist the front sight. If your front sight does not move at all, it is the only one HP has ever made. You only have to move it about 2 degrees.
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    Nope, it'll move. Just loosen and move it. The bottom rail will flex with the move. If the front is off that much the bottom rail is already bent over a little.
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    +1 to the guys above...there is NOTHING solid about that rail at all, it is only connected to plastic at each end, and it will move with the front sight, I promise.

    Seriously...loosen the set screws and try it.;)
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    Ok I'll give it go. Thanks for all the help and suggestions. I have to go to a shindig so I'll have to do it later tonight. I'll report back tomorrow.
    Thanks again
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    I just bought a new 4595 and had similar problems. Mine was shooting about 2' to the left at 50'. I adjusted the rear sight to the right as far as it would go but still couldn't get on target. I loosened the front sight and nudged it to the left and was able to finally get a round on the paper but the front sight was now visibly canted, not a good thing. I then pulled the action out of the stock and found the culprit, the barrel was bent to the left starting about the middle of the forearm but I couldn't see it while the stock was in place. It's now on the way back to the factory for repairs.