Irritation Sale

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    Hi Folks,

    This maybe should be called "Irritation Price Change", but "Irritation Sale" sounded better.

    I set my first accuracy shim kits at a price I thought was fair. When I could produce them faster and easier for the same cost, I lowered that price.

    I was on eBay the other day and found a shim kit copy of mine for $12.95. I bought one to see if they did it correctly.

    They didn't.

    Now, if they'd done it correctly, I'd not be irritated. There are several things wrong, however, and they just won't work. They'll give folks the impression that shim kits are akin to snake oil.

    They're not. When done correctly, the shim kits work very nicely. The Finns used them to make their Mosins shoot a max of 1.3MOA.

    The seller picked a bunch of easy-to-cut material and went to work.

    My answer is this:


    I'm doing this because I flat don't want to see folks throw their money away on something that doesn't work.

    You could buy three of the ones on eBay and stack the shims, but really, what's the point? It would get a little expensive.

    So, my price is staying at $12.50.

    Additional notes:

    Bill May, a friend of mine who is on a lot of these gun boards, is selling some one-off experiments and prototypes of mine, including sights. He currently has an M44 sight with an AK cut I made up on eBay; I'm sure he'd sell it here too. He'll ship immediately as that sight was made a while back.

    Father's Day free shim kits are going to finish shipping this week. I didn't expect the overwhelming number of requests I received. Initially they were to all ship last week. About half shipped. I ran out of shim stock I had set aside to make these freebies, and I had to go grab more.

    • Please remember that my 1/2 off Adjustable Sight Service Sale and my $10 off Complete Adjustable Sight Sale end on July 4th.