Is $350 for this reloading setup a Decent Deal?

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    Well i found a person that has a pretty complete reloading setup. This person wants $350 for the entire gig and here is the list of what comes with it.
    straight from the horses mouth:

    Case cleaning and preparation:

    Berry's Mfg., Inc. Tumbler, with usable media
    Turbo Tumbler Corncob Media, 2lb
    Case trimmer with .357 length gauge and shell holder
    .308 length gauge and shell holder
    Case deburring tool
    Flash hole cleaning tool
    Flash hole uniforming tool (unopened)
    Case lube


    Lee turret press with automatic powder loader
    Reloading scale (grains)
    Four turrets press 3-hole quick change turrets
    9mm Makarov Carbide die set
    .380 Carbide die set
    .357/.38 Carbide Die set
    .308 die set
    Powder Funnel
    Powder charge measuring scoops, four (use the scale instead)
    Two case trays to hold cases during reloading
    Blue Dot pstl / shotgn powder, partial
    Winchester 231 powder, partial
    IMR 4064 powder
    Five 50 round plastic ammo storage cases
    100 round plastic ammo storage case

    Other Consumables:

    750+ Winchester small pstl primers
    100 Federal Gold Medal Match large rfle primers, GM210M
    100 Rem. .308 New Brass
    60 Used .308 Brass
    200 .308 Sierra Match King HPBT 168 gr.
    Lots of used .357 Brass, boxes, trays, etc.
    500 125 gr. TLFJ HP
    100 (approx) 158 gr. TLFJ RN .38/.357
    Some used .380 Brass
    100 100 gr. TLFJ .380 RN
    Some used 9mm Makarov brass (non-corrosive primers)
    750 (approx) 9mm Makarov RN 93 gr. (note: use in makarov only)

    Also includes some manuals and reloading data.

    Out of all that is in there I would probably be selling some of the things That I would not use such as:
    .308 Dies, Brass, Bullets (Seller states these dies never were used)
    .380 Dies, Brass, Bullets (I dont own and dont plan on owning anything that shoots .380)
    I would like to get a .357 revolver.. But Im not 100% sure So I may also sell the brass/bullets/Dies for that As well.

    So realistically Speaking folks I need a bit of advice! IS this a good deal? How much money should I look to recoup (Realistically) for the following lots of equipment that I would not use at all:

    .308 Dies/Case lenth Gauge 200 .308 Sierra Match King HPBT 168 gr.bullets and about 250+ brass casings

    .380 Dies W/ 100 Bullets and some brass.

    Here are some pics of the actual goods I would be recieving


    Any help would be appreciated on this one

    I have been wanting to get into reloading and was going to piece together a setup as economically as I could.. However I kind of like the idea of going ahead and knocking it all out in one fell swoop if thats at all possible. and if I can recoup some costs by selling off the Dies/supplies Im not going to use.. So be it

    Thanks in advance for the advice!
  2. Offer him 275.

    I'm guessing that the hardware is worth roughly 225-250 and the brass/bullets/powder is worth another 50-100 being on the cheap side.

    I would probably get it if he wanted something like 300 if I needed a reloading setup. A turrent is a nice choice.

    350? not so sure about that. For 350, you can get a Lock and Load progressive press (albeit with no dies or disposables but still.)

  3. I would do a cost assessment of all the components based on MidwayUSA prices and see what you come up with. Will be time consuming but you will know exactly what everything is worth.

    I paid right at $100 for a Lee Deluxe Turret Press Kit. It came with one 4 hole Turret, auto indexer, Lee Auto Disk Powder dispenser, Lee Safety Scale, Primer pocket cleaner, chamfer tool, case trimmer and two primer seating tools.

    Just from looking at the pics of everything included I think the $350 asking price will be close to what he has invested, perhaps a bit less but thats just a rough guess.

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    I suppose It is a little high Thanks for that advice. Ill give a call and see if i can talk him down a notch or 2. This would be my first reloading setup and I would like to get something that is a kit of some sort with pretty much everything i need to get started. Right now Im also checking into a Lee anniversary kit on Ebay.. Anyhow Thanks for the great advice so far
  5. Sakdog,

    If all you want to reload is rifle calibers the Lee Anniversary Kit is nice, but if you want to work with pistol calibers as well the Lee Turret Press is the way to go. Next step up the ladder for pistol calibers is a Progressive press. I am very happy with my Turret press because I can use it as a single stage press for load development or install the auto indexer and run it in a fairly quick production press mode and get a modest reloading speed. If I were shooting hundreds of rounds a week of pistol ammo I would invest in a progressive loader and be done with it.

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    I mainly plan on reloading Pistol calibers (9mm Luger, 9mm Mak. and .40S&W and possibly .45acp) and possibly 7.62x39 and .223 but thats pretty much it. So I kind of figured that a Lee anniversary would suit those needs, Im not going into mass production or trying to set any speed records for rounds manufactured per minute.. I appreciate your advice It is so far very helpful to me. Ive never reloaded and I really dont know a whole lot about it yet.. So im trying to get a foot in the door and get something to get started with.
    I guess I might go back to the drawing board and see what I can piece together from
  7. Sakdog, if you don't buy that setup, I WILL!

    That's a smokin deal for everything you'll be getting with it. Snag that up as soon as you can my friend! I am not saying not to try and talk him down a few bucks just to sweeten the deal, but that's a great deal even with the asking price.

    The only thing that you may want to invest in is a 4 hole turret upgrade from Lee's, that way you can use the 4 die sets with the factory crimp die. The upgrade is only $20.00 from Lee's and is a great investment. It comes with a 4 hole turret, but you can keep your 3 hole turrets and use those too. I am planning on buying the 4 hole upgrade soon, but what I am doing right now is setting up my 3 die sets on 1 turret and then putting my crimp dies on a separate turret and switching the turrets out once I get some rounds loaded to run through the crimp. Has worked well so far.
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    Thank you for the good info. I suppose im goint to mull it over some more... Any other pointers and helpful info would awesome
  9. The price is too high.
    Get your own brass and primers and powder, you'll know for certain what you have.

    To start loading one caliber (can change to other calibers later) here's a press that's fully set up and ready to start reloading from the factory, it will load 300-500 rounds per hour and has a fantastic warranty. It also costs $319 brand new, add $50 for a beam type scale to get started and $50 for a tumbler and media so you're looking at $419 brand new with lifetime warranty, a decent loading speed and can convert to other calibers later.
  10. Dillon is the Cadillac of reload equipment. I haven't found that press for less that $550.00 in my nearby area. Online, it's cheaper of course. The biggest thing is that Dillon dies and components for their presses is what you are going to pay out the nose for.

    For starting out, just learning to reload, get the Lees. If you have reloading experience, and enough money to buy the US Mint, the Dillon is the way to go for sure.
  11. The only problem I have is with the consumables. I do not trust other peoples opened powder or primers. I would throw all that safely away and start fresh. The hardware is worth about $200 on eBay new. Note; I do not see the three measuring disks or the auto indexer for the press.

    You should be able to use the bullets and some of the brass.

    I have made countless thousands of .357 Mag rounds on a turret press.

    If you include the brass and bullets, the bid should be (in my opinion) $250-275, after all this IS used equipment.

  12. Follow the link I provided to buy it direct from Dillon for $319.

    It even comes set up, bolt it down and adjust it for your desired powder charge then start turning out the rounds. The dies are included and installed.

    Note - Nothing against Lee. I load my .45 acp on a Dillon 650XL with options but I also own and use a single stage Lee for loading my 9mm on.
    The Dillon is fantastic and I use it because I shoot alot of .45acp.
    With the case feeder and automatic primer options the 650 will load over 1,000 rounds in an hour.

    The Lee lets me enjoy the process of reloading. I could do more if desired but I usually load between 100-300 rounds per week on the Lee.

    The Dillon SDB I have in the link can do about 300 rounds in an hour.
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    Talked him down to $300.... Thinking I might go this way Thanks for all the good info, I hear what is being said about the Dillon, I just dont want to get that deep that fast. I am in no big hurry I dont need to crank out 1000s of rounds per sitting. I basically Just want to get the equipment and get started.. I believe that reloading will prove an invaluable skill once ammo prices start to rise or other Gun/ammo bans go into effect. Then of course there is a cost savings etc.. Plus it just sounds like plain fun! I got some auction to go to today and after that ill prob. make arrangements to pick up this setup.

    Thanks guys... This is really good info... Im glad I could count on the folks here to give me a hand.. Im sure Ill have more questions once I get everything
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    There is a bunch of stuff there and I think you will do good with it... Some times it is nice also to have a single stage press too, you might think about adding one. You can get Lee's little C press for $25.00 at midwayusa and it comes with Lee's reloading book. I have learned a bunch from that book. Though it is not my only source of info. You really end up getting the press for free. (It will take all of your dies)

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    OHH NO! .. No its not bad.. I talked the dude down to $300 on that kit.. But as I was browsing thru I noticed some hand held presses.. There is a lee unit there that seems to be getting rave reviews... Obviously not good for high number production runs but.. A guy like me on a budget I probably wont be loading but 100 or so rounds at a sitting and mostly handgun calibers! Some reviews on this hand press say its no biggie to actually load rifle cartridges
    here is the address:
    I know its kind of hokey pokey but Im almost considering just getting something simple as this to get started (I do live in an apartment) Anyone have any experience loading with one of these hand held presses?

    So right now my options are buy the $300 dollar press. find some way to jerry rig something to bolt the press onto. I do have a place where I can go to set up that is not my apartment.. But I kinda like the idea of reloading in the comfort of my own pad.


    Buy a hand press and just crank out some rounds after dinner while watching a movie or something like that..

    Just wondering if anyone has anything to say about the lee handheld stuff... Its says it takes normal dies and such...

    Thanks again.. There has been a ton of good advice from you folks
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    Sorry but that thing is a real PITA. Do not get that! Are you mostly loading pistol?
    The Lee Challenger Breech Lock Single Stage Press Kit with the Lee 4 die set for 9mm is $126.99
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    solely pistol for now... I think im going to go that particular way (Handheld way) because I really dont have the room here in the apt... I mean i might be able to macgyver something up to mount a press on but.. I dont know there are a few people singing high notes of praise for the little hand held bugger.. I know its going to be a pita as far as not being super fast..and effortless But For my budget and what I have in mind I think it will work fine. BTW if any AZ guys want the info on that $300 dollar setup its in Phoenix.. Just PM me... Im gonna have to pass on it.. I guess if I get the little handheld press ill give a full review on it whenever I get started...
    Might be a good little unit for people to get ankle deep into reloading.
  18. My buddy and I went to the fun show today and he got one of those hand lee presses for 25 dollars (just the press, no accessories). He doesn't have much room so he wanted to be able to load while sitting in his couch.

    He does have the lee anniversery kit setup on a TV table and a 2x4 though if he wants more leverage.

    If you can wait a few days, I can let you know how he makes out with his hand press.
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    Yes Please let me know how that turns out it will be a while before I can put my order together because my Debit card is froze because some A holes put fraudulent charges on my card..
  20. I have a Lee Hand Press and use it with the Universal Decapping Die to de-prime spent cases after they come out of the tumbler. I love the Hand Press for that purpose, not sure I would want to rely on it as my sole reloading press for start to finish loading because it would be slow and tedious to change dies, get the set right etc etc