Is C9 still to big to carry or is the 380 better option?

Discussion in 'CCW & Open Carry' started by godolphins1985, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. Looking to grab my next hi point this weekend, c9 to big for carry? (i live in fl so there is not much room for concealin anything large. or should i grab the 380 since it is smaller.
  2. The C9 and the .380 are exactly the same size. The are made on the same frame with the same slide. The only difference is the barrel diameter and I think the firing chamber. The mags are even interchangeable.
    As for caliber size, I'd say go with the C9. The .380 has slightly less kick, but, IMO not enough to warrant carrying the smaller round.

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    The .380 is the same size as the c9... No difference whatsoever. Go with the bigger round. Plus the cost of 9mm ammo is cheaper than .380 ammo anyways.
  4. The other difference between the C9 and the CF380 is the recoil spring on the CF380 is not as strong.
  5. Right... most .380s are smaller than 9mm's; but, in Hi-Point's case, they're the same size.
  6. I carry my C9 concealed with no problems at all. I have the Fobus paddle holster and it works well.

    As the others have mentioned the 380ACP and the C9 are the exact same size. So no benefit in getting the 380. Go with the C9...a little more punch than the 380...and 9mm ammo is a lot cheaper!!
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    I am six one 210lbs and carry the c9 very well, even with tshirt and they are the same size