Is it just an Indiana thing?

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  1. Hey gang, I see a lot of posts here and on other forums about folks buying .22's and shotguns at Wally world. They don't sell either at big Wally's here in Indiana,(at least not at the stores around here), and I was wondering if this is just an "Indiana thing"? :?:
  2. Strangerous

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    Nope, Shottys and .22's are sold at SC WalMarts... i thought they were getting out of the firearm business... guess not.

  3. There are two close by to where I live that do not but others in my city do, so its hit or miss.
  4. Uraijit

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    Lots of them have stopped selling them... All 3 that are within 15 miles of me have closed out their firearms selection.
  5. Silicon Wolverine

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    it has to do with volume and profit per inch of shelf space. wal-mart requires x product to amke x percent profit per inch of shelf space. guns didnt and now that that theyt've driven all the mom and pop gun shops out of buisnes they decided to quit.

  6. All 3 of the Wal-Marts here in Tallahassee offer them and they also have a very large special order catalog. Don't know if the ones without guns will special order or not
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    most have moved to catalogs and you can order, instead of keeping weapons in plain sight at the counter. it varies from store to store. Most in AR have shotguns and rifles
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    Wallyworld is no longer selling firearms in New Hampshire.
  9. Maryland is seeing a decline, Missouri as well.
  10. Tennessee, at least Nashville area, have not dropped them but sure have lowered the amount they offer.
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    Our walmart here in AL sells just about everything except pistols. Various calibers of rifles including .22 and also several different shotguns. Maybe we're just the last ones to change, but I was just there yesterday and they had a few 30-06s.
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    we have one green walmart, and two pro gun walmarts. the green one barely carries ammo anymore
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    Just as Silicone Wolvering stated, it has to do with sales. Areas where firearms sold well they kept the department. Areas where firearms sales didnt justify use of the floor space, they eliminated the departments.
  14. there was a wal-mart here in town that used to carry .22's, shotty's and other rifles, not been there in a while but last i was there they didn't seem to be slowing down on sales.
    the wal mart website still shows many firearms special order,
  15. One in Elkhart and one in Goshen are still selling FAs
  16. Always looking to save a few $$$

    Thanks for the input gang. I looked for firearms at three Wally Worlds in my area, and all have phased out the in-store firearms. Still selling ammo, but not a huge selection. Picked up a few boxes of WBW 9mm for 18.50$ each.
    I had to go to the local hunting/fishing store to find .380 ammo, and ended up picking up my supply of WBW .380 at Gander Mountain, some 30 miles away,
    ( to save many $$$).
    Same place I picked up the Marlin 795.