Is it possible to remove the iron sights and install a rail?

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    I haven't received my 995 yet (should be here Wed) but I did buy the iro sight version and it may be a mistake since I planned on putting a red dot on it. Is there a way to remove the rear sight or will I just have to live with the the iron sights?
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    They're all iron sights. They also all come with an accessory rail you can put on in place of the irons.

  3. ChrisP

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    I can't wait to shoot this thing!

    What's the best place to buy new mags from?
  4. elricfate

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    Directly from Hipoint for $17 a piece.. here

    Or you can get them from CTD if you don't mind paying the shipping... here
  5. And unless they have changed recently, their price includes shipping
  6. A little tip from the school of been-there/done-that:

    The iron rear sight is secured with two small screws, the rearmost screw also serving as the elevation adjuster. To remove the sight and replace it with the supplied rail, you need to -first- remove the receiver cover. The screws thread into small plates under the cover. Just reassemble with the rail in leiu of the sight.
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    I rather like the iron sites myself they are rugged as they get for the range of a 9mm or 40cal. I have a few scopes I may mount on my 995 if I get the nerve to.
    You will not be dissapointed in that 995 It a hoot if you plink like me.
  8. red-dots are cool, and I do use them, but never underestimate the importance of using iron sights. I'm afraid that folks today are getting lazy when it comes to shooting. Red-dots and holo-scopes make it so easy.
    Irons are reliable and they won't let you down. No batteries! :D
    I'm not dissing red-dots folks. I like'em too.
    But practice practice practice with the irons.
  9. Mordecai

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    No you won't, my rear sight screwed right off while I still had it attached to the gun no problems.
  10. ChrisP

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    I agree with ya'!

    ..and I'm going to try it with the iron sights first but plan on going to a red dot.