Is it to EZ to get a gun?

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    Not sure how many people remember a post I posted from the old forum about me having my application for my 3rd firearm denied by the CBI.

    I'll sum it up for you. I got a .22LR from a member of this site. A few days after it arrived at my local FFL he emailed me and let me know that I was denied. I wrote a letter to the CBI asking for an explanation. When I was born I had a different last name than I do now. In 83 I had it changed through the courts. Well it turns out some guy in FL has been using this name and my birthday as his aka. This guy is a sex offender, battery charges, DV and many other felony's on his record. So I had to go get finger printed so they can compare them to Mr. Criminal.

    The scary thing is I've got 2 other firearms before this one. If I was this person I'd have a C9 and a 995 by now.

    I think it goes to show that not every app is looked at. Kinda scary that I was able to get 2 firearms before someone really looked into who I was.

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    Since i have a very common name (first/last) i also include ssn on form even tho it isnt required, That pretty much eliminates errors like this.

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    when i applied for my handgun permit i checked a wrong box and was denied.... i thought what the hell did i pay you for, jus tto look and see if the right boxes were checked i thought it was suppose to be a background check. so after i pointed this out to the officer in charge of this i was pretty irrate... i said to them "if i was a felon and came in here and checked all the right boxes would you give me a license and then just arrest me after i purchase one?" i didnt get an answer but i thought it was a pretty lazy job on his part

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    You would be surprised how many criminals will fill it out honestly and then look surprised when they're arrested as they have a warrent out on them. They just go by what's marked on the form. ALWAYS double check your information to make sure YOU have it down correctly.
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    It ant toEZ here in California.
  6. Hey NeWcS,
    I hope that you don't fly much! Your posterior would be getting a tad sore!!!

    Seriously tho, how much of a double take did you do when you found out? Thats gotta really suck. Hopefully they get your stats wired tight and they skin that SOB alive when they catch him.
  7. I applied for my license back in 1987 and got it in about two weeks. That was in MA.. Moved to NH in 1992 and it took about two weeks also. Now, I go every 4 years after it expires.
    When I go to purchase a firearm (after filling out application), I hear them on the phone giving the following:
    Name, SS, DOB, Place of birth. That's it.
    I guess, so far I've had problem/s.
    I know for MA., you're not going to get it in two weeks anymore! I plan on this winter going to get certified so I can have Carry/Conceal in both MA. and ME., which I travel frequent.
    Just got to remember to check those correct boxes.... :roll:
  8. ....I meant to say....."I guess so far I've had no problem/s. (oop's)

    Good luck getting things straightened out!
  9. It's not easy anyhwere. A great many crimes (felonies and misdemeanors) will get you denied or at least delayed. A lot of the people that I have talked too have had misdemeanors from when they were juveniles come back and cause a delay in their getting a gun.

    I like the fact that the system catches "forbidden" persons from getting guns, but it would be nice for the rest of us if they worked the bugs out of their system.

    Even with the bugs some system to keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn't have them is better than none.
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    Went to Academy to buy my first handgun a couple of years ago. Did the paperwork, double checked the boxes, and waited. Delayed status right off the bat. Next day, still delayed. Next week, still delayed. After a few weeks, I gave up.

    Last month, I went to purchase my C-9. Did the paperwork, double checked the boxes, and waited. Delayed status right off the bat, again. But the pawn shop clerk informed me if nothing came back in 3 days, I could purchase. Huh! Academy blew it and lost a sale and I missed out on a nice Bersa before the price went up.

    Yesterday, went to another pawn shop to buy a second hand Cobra and got the delayed response again. This time they say I have to wait 4 days to purchase. Duh!

    My guess for the delay is that for 18 years of my AF time I had a (as the History Channel calls it) "beyond Top Secret" clearance requiring an FBI background check every 5 years. Last time I saw my file, it was thicker than my fist. Figure I'll have to go through the delay every time, which pretty much sucks.

    Wonder how long I'll have to wait for my carry license once I take the course....
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    been in your shoes dude. there is a guy out there witha name one letter off from mine that is a multiple felon. has caused my denials too. just put your SSN on the form and make sure they spell your name to the operator and you'll be fine.

  12. I had a very similar clearance my self, except the feds checked every 2 yeas while Ihad it, then every year for 6 years after I got out (benefit of living in a small town, when someone asks questions, you hear about it). I have never had a delay, or refusal on buying a gun. My guess is some undesirable has a similar name to yours.