Is My AR-15 "MilSpec" ...or not?
by Greg Ritchie

Military person Font Soldier Marines Military uniform

You hear it every day. MilSpec this, MilSpec that. What is MilSpec? Military Specifications. It is a rifle built to Military Standards or MilStd. To be MilSpec every part of the rifle has to be scrutinized. Each component has to be made from a certain material, has to pass certain durability standards, dimensions have to be within certain paramiters. These standrds are clearly spelled out and can not be deviated from. And, these parts, as well as the completed rifle must have the stamp of approval from a United Stated Government inspector.

This is the first reason that you, as a civilian, do not have a MilSpec rifle. Even if all the components of your AR-15 meet all of the MilSpec requirements, it can not be MilSpec because it has not been inspected by a US Government inspector.

The second reason you do not have a MilSpec AR-15, is because all MilSpec rifles were built to fill a government contract. Also because they are all capable of fully automatic fire, or burst fire. And while it is possible that you may have a properly registered rifle made before 1986, chances are you don't. All current MilSpec rifles are classified as machineguns, and any made since the Firearms Owners Protection Act was inacted can not be transferred to a civilian.

So, as a civilian, what is the closest you can come to a MilSpec AR-15? The only two entities that produce MilSpec AR style rifles today are Colt and FN. Since FN is required to use Colts technical data package, or TDP, I believe that would be the Colt LE6920, a semi antomatic version of the military M4 carbine with a longer barrel designed for law enforcement.

*** This was inspired by a somewhat long running discussion at the range I frequent. Even though my arguments have not been refuted, my opinions are unpopular, especially among the younger crowd. I wonder how I will fare here?***