Is my local newspaper a gun snob?

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  1. Was reading my local newspaper, the Muskogee Daily Phoenix, and they had 3 local criminal short stories.

    One was a man that was caught with a gun after being convicted of a felony. They said he had in his possesion a Hi Point JC 40 and ammo for the weapon

    Another story said a man was caught with 2 shotguns after being convicted on a felony, but they did not name the brands of the shotguns.

    I say gun snobs, anyone agree?

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    Maybe...Or could be 2 different reporters. Different style reporting also. The first was given more detailed info then the 2nd report

  3. Jarhead1775

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    My buddies in law enforcement are always talking bad about Kel-tecs and Hi-points, davis, cobra, jennings. They always state that these are the weapons criminals use because they are inexpensive and they can afford them. I tell them that the brand of the weapon isn't the issue or the price. How many criminals really purchase a legal weapon (1% my guess). They are buying illegal guns and using them for their crimes. I totally believe the reporter spoke with a LE guy and he put hate for these inexpensive weapons into the spin. My two cents.
  4. My bad for not pointing out that the artice was written by the same reporter as far as I could tell

    Jarhead you may be right that the reporter talked to a LEO that hates Hi Points, because the report on the shotguns was detailed enough to mention that one had been sawed off.

    Maybe its not the paper then.
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    It seems to me, when a handgun is involved, they tend to name the brand. For long guns, they don't, unless it is a scary black assault rifle. Even among handguns, if it is a semi-auto the print the make, but they don't with revolvers.
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    Its kind of a moot point. One of the punks that did Columbine used a 995 carbine. Many of us on this board also have 995's and haven't shot anyone. The cops should know better than anyone that its the person behind the gun and not the gun.
  7. Honestly Mike, this is the first time I have noticed the paper mentioning any brand of weapon. They usually go for the generic terms such as assault rifle, automatic pistol etc.
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    I have to agree, it's not often any brand weapon will be mentioned in the papers here. Probably because the reporters don't know the difference, but they damn sure make the distinction that it was an ASSAULT WEAPON or a HIGH CAPACITY HANDGUN.
  9. Hmmm, so with that LEO's line of thinking, there have never been any crimes commited with SIG's, XD's, Your-Brand-Here 1911's, Beretta's, Colt's, S&W's, or dare I say Glocks? Sheesh, these guys need to get a life...
  10. neothespian

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    Another theory:

    Most criminals can't buy guns, because...well... they're criminals and hence they're stupid for being such! SMART criminals don't buy guns...they steal them, then sell them to the dumb criminals.

    That being said, the average stock of guns used in armed robberies tend to be *gasp* stolen guns! And, where do they steal them from? Anywhere they can, and usually from lightly secured places such as cheap apartments, worksites and unprotected backpacks and such.

    Now, the average joe can't justify dropping 500 to 800 on guns like Springfields, Glocks and the like. Most are guns like our beloved Hi-Points, Phoenix Firearms, CZ's, Taurus wheelguns if the money is good that month. Just a quite bag snatch, a break-in while the guy's at work or a quick swipe from the place during a party you crash scores you a fresh and hot pistol.

    So why are cheap guns so common for crime? If the anti-parties would put two and two together, they would see it's because the average gun isn't a fancy glock or "Automatic handgun" (god I hate that term...) from Germany or Italy. It's the cheaper end of things because we all have bills to pay, tuition to make and loans to cover.

    So, I think the inexpensive guns get a bad wrap out of pure misinformation. Period. Just like Volkswagens are known as "Hippie" cars in the US and not everywhere else, simply because it's all hippies could afford! Could've easily been Ford Falcons, Fiats or Yugos...
  11. Joe Sixpack

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    ya i'd say stolen guns are a often used in crimes i once seen on tv they arrested a kid with a S&W revolver stolen from oakland PD, Imagine that.. it even said oakland pd engraved on teh barrel.

    I dont dispute that Hi-points are used a lot.. criminals as you point out are'nt buying legally.. but they also are'nt buying high dollar.. you can find a hot glock, beretta, sig.. what have you.. but even stolen those are gonna run more.. you just want something cheap you can toss when you need to.. a disposable gun.. which is more likely to be disposable a gun that cost about a 150nib or one that costs 500-1000 nib, even on the street market value follows.. think of it as a "deep discount" but a stolen glock will always be worth more then a stolen hi-point.

    Who cares if thugs use hi-points? it does'nt make you one for owning one as well.

    the anti's try to ban the "saturday night specials" because they're cheap and crimals use it..

    they banned the full autos because they shoot lots of bullets and criminals use them, which is contradictory because FA's was never cheap or easy to get even before the 86 ban.
  12. neothespian

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    Food for thought: Since the 1950's, there has only been TWO procecuted cases in which fully automatic weapons (from the factory) were used...and one was a former law enforcement officer!!!

    Looking for the link with info on that...
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    It is my opinion that effective,"succesful" criminals have lots of money and know how to use include buying any type of weapon they want ,eliminating the need to steal guns. Crime does pay and pays well for those who are "good " at it. But,all good things must pass and for them,it usually does sooner than later and always, eventually.
  14. Joe Sixpack

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    I was'nt aware there was only 2 cases.. however i believe the first one you speak of the LEO was actually a corrupt detective in ohio ironicly, was'nt it?

    did'nt he shoot a informant or something.